Bratwurst and Tofu?

Happy Thursday night everyone! 🙂

Sometimes I think that Thursday’s really test us and get us ready to appreciate Friday & the weekend, anyone else?

Last night we didn’t get much sleep due to The Man being up all night with a crucial migraine, I felt so sorry for him and was worried all night… needless to say there was no “popping” outta bed this morning 😛

Then I turn on the news to find out that there was a fatal accident on the route that I take into work just a few hours before I usually leave.  Truck axle broke, wheel fell off and went onto other side of highway and hit a minivan head on.  A 36 year old named Stephanie died.  I was sick to my stomach just thinking about it. 

My prayers are with all those involved.

Anyway, sorry for the Debbie Downer start to this post….  But that incident has really been in my mind all day and sometimes that’s just the way it is!

Good thing I had a delicious his & hers dinner planned for tonight to cheer things up…

Why is it that food can almost always comfort us, make us feel good again? 

Maybe that’s the beauty in it 🙂

At the Farmer’s Market last week I purchased some local grass-fed bratwurst because I knew that The Man would go ga-ga for them!

After a lil’ search online I realized that I had to cook these bad boys in a beer & onion bath and that was that.

Poke a few holes in the brats, simmer for about 15 minutes in a mixture of beer & chopped onion until done.

Then add to either a hot skillet or grill (pan) and give them a nice brown.

I love bratwurst night already… wanna know why?  It meant I got to makes me some more baked tofu!!!

I’ve been dreaming of this recipe ever since I made it just a few short weeks ago….


This is a no fail, out of control delicious way to eat tofu.  I kid you not.  I adore it!

To go with I made up a quick carrot/apple/raisin salad using shredded carrot, shredded apple, raisins, fresh lemon basil & white balsamic vinegar mmmmm….

This was SO good, the sweet apple and raisins with the tangy vinegar plus fresh lemon basil and carrot was a fiesta for my taste buds!  Loved it 😀

Some Whole Foods brand mac n’ cheese rounded out the meal, made with plain almond milk (it’s what we had on hand) and you’d never know the difference!  The Man even made this batch up and loved the final product…

His and hers dinners, a staple in our house these days!

So with that I’m outta here… Friday is just around the corner and I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming weekend.

But before I go, don’t forget that it’s the last day to enter the Galaxy Granola giveaway!!!!

See you tomorrow friends 😀


8 responses to “Bratwurst and Tofu?

  1. We had a his/hers night tonight, too! I made Kristin’s Thai Tofu Pizza tonight and left Mike’s side tofu-less. Holy monkey girl, you have GOT to try this recipe. You will adore it!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to those involved in the accident this morning and their family/friends, too.

  2. So tragic! Its scary how quickly life can change. Makes you appreciate (even more) what you have. I ❤ the farmers market. I got Josh some grass fed beef today- can't wait to make it for him. I need to try making tofu at home. I don't know why it scares me so!

  3. lowandbhold

    I had a really hard time waking up this morning too due to being up from thunderstorms.

    I’ve never understood what was wrong with “comfort food”. Anything that makes us happy is good right?

  4. My prayers are with that family…it’s so scary how fragile life really is 😦

    Love the his and hers dinner, looks like something I would make for my family! That tofu especially sounds delicious. Happy Friday!!

  5. savoringsarah

    It’s official, yesterday was the worst for many. So sad about that accident. I freak about accidents all the time with how much I drive for work…not good to obsess over it but it is scary!

    On a higher note- your carrot slaw sounds absolutely T.D.F!!!! TGIF lady!

  6. Oh my gosh….that is so sad about that woman. 😦 I will say a prayer for her and her family.

    Mmmmm – I sure do love me some tofu! SO easy to make, right??

  7. Fanatic Mom

    You sure find a lot of things to do with apples! It all looks great.

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