Seafood Saturday

After a hot “summer like” afternoon spent shopping (food & clothes, love it!) I knew that a seafood dinner was just what we needed for this glorious Saturday night 🙂

To begin, some large shrimp seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning (which p.s., I am really beginning love!)

Just a quick boil & sprinkle and voila!

With some cocktail sauce too of course 😉

On the dinner menu was a fish that I have been seeing around the blog world lately and have been curious to try out:  turbot!

Huge! (TWSS)

Cooked up using my beloved Flynn’s Garlic Sauce Blanc on the stovetop this couldn’t have been easier.

To go with this fresh catch dinner I couldn’t resist cooking up some fresh brussel sprouts that I scored at the Farmer’s Market this morning…

Farmer’s Market finds were fabulous today too, but you’ll just have to stay tuned for more of that 😉

Simply added them to some boiling water for about 7-10 minutes, drained, seasoned with salt, pepper and white balsamic vinegar.

What a wonderful summer night meal!

I adored this turbot and will most definitely be buying it again.  It seriously melted in my mouth like buttah and the subtle yet sweet garlic sauce couldn’t have been a more perfect accompaniment.

Well I’m excited for tomorrow, want to know why?

The Man and I are heading over to the local Lebanese Food Festival for some good lunch eats and then making our way to a Flying Squirrels baseball game during the afternoon with his brother and a few of our friends…

I ❤ Baseball!

See full size image

Bet you didn’t know that about me eh? 😛

Yep, loved it ever since I was a little girl, baseball cards and all…

The Flying Squirrels (what a name?) replaced our beloved Richmond Braves just this year but they are doing great and have been a big hit around town, so I’m excited!

Oh yea, and one other thing before I go friends, remember a few days ago when I had the most intense workout ever with  Rock Hard Total Body w/ Marco Reed?

Well, today I had an even more intense sesh with RockHard Body Extreme…. holy mackerel (fitting, no? 😉 ) this was legit!

Every move was done with a medicine ball, I used 8lbs until my arms felt like jello about 30 minutes in and switched to 5lb weights… phew gonna feel that one tomorrow!

Alright and with that I’m out, have a great Saturday night friends and see you tomorrow for some fun! 😀


5 responses to “Seafood Saturday

  1. yayyyyyyyy- I got fresh brusels at the market too- cooked them up last night…AMAZING! Totally eating more tomorrow night- cannot wait. Have fun at the food festival tomorrow

  2. ooph — I’ve tried that workout too. At first I thought it wasn’t too bad.. then he got in to those “around the world” lunges or whatever the heck they’re called and I literally wanted to keal over.

    m’mmm fisssssssssssssh!

  3. Hi there! Just came across your blog through Erica’s– love your post. Lebanese food is the best. Also, I just recently quit soda too! It was HORRIBLE quitting- I will never drink it again. I was sick for a week. Looking forward to following your Posts! You can visit me here at XO Madeleine

  4. Jasmine (Sweet and Fit)

    turbot! i’ve seen that around and didnt know what to think of it, i love me some seafood! you make that fillet look so tasty, i think i’m going to adopt your seafood saturdays! =)

  5. You KNOW we love our seafood aroun hurrr. I also am a pretty big baseball fan. Too bad the Chicago cubs have been pretty crummy for the last, oh, hundred years.

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