And the weekend rolls on…

Hello everyone!

Well after celebrating mini-Fanatic’s 21st birthday just the other night, the weekend just kept moving right along and turned out to be pretty fantabulous 🙂

Did you catch the recap? 😛  —-> if not, check it out here

Last night I whipped up some of my favorite baked tofu for dinner with some of the farmer’s market baby bok choy to go alongside!

This time around I didn’t use the pre-cubed tofu so the pieces were a bit larger & took a bit longer to cook… end product still just as divine!

I also cooked the bok choy just like last time around, love it.  Still have 3 more to go through too, yum!

This morning I woke up after a full night of rest (needed that!) and prepared a most delicious bowl of oats using a fabulous yet-to-be-released product that the friends at Galaxy Granola were kind enough to send along.

Maple Pecan Quinoa granola – whole rolled oats, spelt flakes, barley flakes, brown sugar, maple syrup, pecans, white grape juice concentrate, apples, crisp rice, quinoa, evaporated cane juice, coconut flakes, oat flour, oat bran, vitamin E, cinnamon and sea salt.

This oat blend was pretty typical – banana, almond milk, coconut milk, coconut oil, peanut butter – aside from being kicked up a few notches by a topping of the new granola!

Verdict?  I loved it!  These guys are really onto something here 😀

I also made The Man some breakfast, french toast using a lovely loaf of bread that needed we needed to eat up.

French bread, egg, almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut milk cooked in a pan with a small amount of butter… topped with powdered sugar & some unpictured maple syrup!

I spent some time preparing items for our weekly lunches…


Makes things so much easier on me as the work week gets rollin’!  Not to mention $$ savin’…

After all that we went to visit lil’ sis before she headed back to school againnnnnnn for summer session 😦  I need more of her in my life, can’t wait until July!

And then it was time for lunch at Jason’s Deli… they have free frozen yogurt, ’nuff said.

I built my own salad and it was deelish times 100.  Yep 😀

Then I proceeded to have 2 1 bowl of chocolate vanilla swirl…  gets me every time!

After lunch we took Miss Lucy Dog for a walk around a lake near our house and she was actually on her best behavior.  It was the perfect after lunch activity and the weather was perfect aside from a few clouds!

And now we are just getting back from a family dinner with both sets of parents…

We ate at an Italian restaurant that one of The Man’s good friend’s family just recently opened up.  But you’re gonna have to wait until tomorrow for that recap 😉

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend friends!


3 responses to “And the weekend rolls on…

  1. The Man picked a great restaurant for all of us to get together and eat delicious Italian food… can’t wait to eat the leftovers! Let’s do again soon.

  2. Let’s do it again soon…left out it!

  3. Oh wow, the Man’s french toast looks out of this world! Such a pretty strawberry on top too 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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