Ready. Set. Go!

Good morning everyone!

First of all, I loved hearing all the different ways you friends use the word “barbecue“… which I think is based alot of where you live!  Don’t ask, but I find it so interesting when food terminology differs based on region (soda vs. pop anyone?)

So thanks for all that great feedback! 😀

Also, did you catch the recap of our Memorial Day poolside festivities, including this delicious fruit pizza?! 😉

Do it!  Haha, jk, well I mean… do it if ya want 😉

I know it’s early and all, but I’m stopping in to say a quick hello before heading off to my first day at the “new” job…

I must say that this week will most likely be a bit crazy busy, so apologies up front if blogging takes the back seat for a few days and is more sporadic than the norm 😦

Name that movie?!

Hey, sometimes these  things happen and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… I know ya’ll will understand 🙂

How about I let ya’ll in on yesterday’s events & eats in the meantime, sound good?

Monday’s’s agenda included some good, some not so good 😉

  • laying by the pool = good!
  • grocery shopping & fresh veggie stock up = good!
  • working for 3 hours on my day off = ehhh not so good 😦
  • delicious dinner = good!

As much as the workin’ part wasn’t on the “fun agenda” it will definitely pay off in the end for me and I feel much more prepared having spent that time getting through some things!

So back to dinner, we had round 2 of what I like to think was a totally summer-fied dinner 😀

Local summer squash & zucchini sauteed with onion, seasoned with fresh basil, dried oregano, S&P and topped with tomato basil feta cheese.

“Grilled” chicken sausages topped with yellow mustard.

Did I mention how great the cast iron grill really is?!

Baked sweet potato topped with salsa & sour cream, my favorite!

A refreshing way to relax on a Monday night and get ready for the busy work week ahead 😛

Okay okay, with a side of The Bachelorette too of course!  I have some favorites already and some definite “dislikes,” really liking this season so far!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to what is anticipated to be quite the busy day at work…

Ready. Set. Go!!!!

Hope to see you back tonight for a quick dinner recap (we have a mini-fiesta dinner on the menu if all goes as planned!) and enjoy your day 😀


11 responses to “Ready. Set. Go!

  1. I wish I had some fruit pizza for breakfast. Yum.

  2. Good luck at your first day at the “new” job!! Can’t wait to hear about it. I’m with Jessica…I’d like a slice 😉 Sweet potato and salsa- on the agenda for part of my din din tonight!

  3. CLUELESS!!!

    And I swear I read ur list of things you did wrong because I saw “laundry by the pool” haha. I would like to invent that combo; I bet it would make laundry A LOT better 🙂

  4. The sweet potato looks so yummy!

  5. mmm the squash/zucchini flavor combo looks so good! i must create this asap. andddd of course i ❤ sweet potatoes intensely.. like a blogger only would understand 😉

  6. Good luck with the new gig this week girl, you are going to do GREAT! 🙂 And hey, it is a four day week, too!

  7. You just reminded me that I need to go buy a new pan. I burned a grilled cheese on one and it totally ruined it.

    You gotta do you girl, don’t worry about your sporadic-ness. (Um, Clueless! hellz yeah!)

    Have a great week dear!

  8. Sweet and Fit

    I also found myself working a few hours yesterday =( I did get to BBQ with the family though =)

  9. Don’t worry at all about being sporadic….good luck with your job, girl! You’ll kick some bootay, I just know it!

    Hmmm – so far on the Bach I actually kind of like Frank – he’s a little goofy but I like it. 😉 I also like Chris from Cape Cod, but he needs to talk more!

  10. That dessert pizza looks amazing…
    And I LOVE the Bachelorette! I’m rooting for the guy from Charleston, SC… it has nothing to do with the fact that I live in SC 😉

  11. I hope your first day on the new job went well. I’m sure you enjoyed the short commute. 🙂

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