The Man, The Chef!

So with the “busiest week ever” continuing into tonight, I put The Man in charge of this evening’s dinner!

His mission:  grass fed local burgers & fries 😀

Ever had ’em?

If not, I highly recommend driving as far as you need to drive to find them. 


The smell of the garlic & herb “sauce” that coats the oven baked fries is enough to make you hover over your boyfriend while he prepares them, wafting the garlic goodness towards yourself 😉

You think I’m kidding.

The burgers, a mixture that The Man himself found after perusing recipes earlier today (*squealing* with foodie pride here!!! haha)

A combo of local grass-fed beef, oregano, cayanne pepper and salt.

I was very curious at how this flavor blend would taste…

But guess what…?!?!?

It was spectacular!!!! 😛

These burgers were seriously deelish, mine served bunless style (yea yea yea we had a shortage in the freezer and I gave the last ones up to the chef!) with all the necessary items.

And you know I couldn’t go a meal without my new favorite salad, sheesh!

I told you I was outta control.

Sadly enough tomorrow’s lunch may break the streak, as I’ve finally eaten down our massive veggie stash to a mere pile of uhhhh nothing 😛

The Man rocked this meal tonight!!! 

I should put him in charge more often… ya think? 😉

So the last 2 nights we’ve eaten (1) pizza and (2) burgers & fries…

Who am I?

Just kidding friends, these meals were definitely spun with a healthy twist with the addition of  the bulked up salads plus addition of veggies to the pizza, lean local ground beef and oven baked fries.

See, you can still “have your cake and eat it too” or however that saying goes…. 😛

And now it’s time for a little relaxing before doing it all again tomorrow.

Let’s just say that after clocking close to 40 hours already during this 3 day work week I’m definitely ready for some poolside action this weekend!

So close!

I’m okay with that 😉

Have a great night everyone!


6 responses to “The Man, The Chef!

  1. Those fries sound incredible. I totally want some. Asking my MIL to pick some up next time she brings a TJs stash. Hooray to the man for doing such a good job. Love it. 1 more day girl- push through

  2. lowandbhold

    Those fries do sound uh-mazing! I will be on the lookout.

    Yay for someone else cooking. Looks like he did a fab job, too!

  3. OH to be cooked FOR…one of lifes simplest pleasures 🙂 Those fries seriously look amazing….not gonna lie- dont think I could control myself around them. I have no limits to the amount of french fries I could consume in one sitting. Eeek.

    We made it to Friday!!

  4. Those fries look great. The man did rock the cooking! 🙂

  5. I bought those fries last summer for my family and I’m pretty sure I ate half the box while I was preparing the rest of the dinner…so freaking good! Lucky girl to have a man that cooks so well!

  6. Dang, the man puts my meals to shame! Those fries sound AMAZING. I love absolutely anything with garlic!

    Hope you’re getting your pool time, girl!

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