Restaurant Quality

Happy Saturday everyone!

Wow, I couldn’t have been happier to see the weekend come yesterday afternoon 😀

How about you?

After an intense YogaMelt Down session, The Man and I started things off right with an at-home fabulous steak dinner!

What is up with my cravings for red meat this week?!?

Marinated for an hour or two and cooked stovetop, this was seriously some of the most moist & flavorful steak we’ve had in a while.

See friends, steak doesn’t have to be grilled to be fabulous!

The trick?  Medium High heat to sear in all the juices, about 4 minutes each side.  Then outta the pan and let to rest for a few minutes —> look but don’t touch!

All the juices redistribute & you end up with a perfectly cooked steak, trust me 😛

Sides included some fresh mushrooms, sauteed with onion, garlic, parsley, S&P in some olive oil.

A baked sweet potato topped with mint chutney.

A side of fresh steamed broccoli topped with this fabulous local garlic sauce.

Friends, this was a restaurant quality meal.  For a fraction of the price.  And using ingredients that I could feel good about 🙂

So yummy.

Our lazy selves enjoyed some cocktails & a movie then were off to bed.

I’ve already been to the farmer’s market this morning and now it’s off to get poolside!

Enjoy your day everyone 😀


5 responses to “Restaurant Quality

  1. I’ve been loving meat this week too – I had 2 burgers sans the bun. Beef is good!

  2. lowandbhold

    That does look great! Meals at home are sometimes way more fun!

  3. Fanatic Mom

    What kind of marinade did you use? I forgot to ask today, and I am always interested in new ideas! By the way, today was fun:)

  4. I thought you were from VA. How did you get Stews?!?! I thought they were exclusive to CT/NY area?!

  5. cravings for meat, eh? I could go to town on TWSS comments but I shall refrain. Instead, I’ll tell you how beautiful that meal looks and how much I ADORE Stew Leonards. I used to beg my mom to bring me there. Okay, I still do — the froyo is fab!

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