New Eats

What a great weekend so far!

I spent yesterday lounging by the pool with The Man and then shopping for the rest of the afternoon with Fanatic Mom 🙂  Couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Dinner was an experiment with a new farmer’s market find, love it.

MINI BEETS & beet greens!!

The same farmer that got me hooked on kale & bok choy found a winner again.  That’s why I love the market, you learn so many new ideas & get to try new foods!

How cute is that, seriously?

To prepare, I washed them thoroughly, sliced off the baby beets & chopped up the greens into large pieces.

A quick saute in EVOO, a touch of S&P, some minced garlic and white balsamic vinegar was all these needed!

Served simply with some pre-made vegetarian baked beans and a simple tomato/basil salad.

Loved the beet greens!  They were sweetened up by the mini beets & just tasted great (despite their lackluster appearance 😉 )

Is anyone else as excited about peak tomato season as I am?!?!  Gahhh I live to those months!!!  Nothing better than a perfect tomato topped w/ salt & pepper if you ask me 🙂

Of course, a coconut cake pop found it’s way into my belly as well!

The Man and I enjoyed some cocktails, watched some tv and called it a lazy night… twas glorious!

This morning I woke up craving a non-oatmeal breakfast *gasp* haha.

Blueberry pancakes topped with cream cheese & maple syrup you say?  Scrambled eggs w/ jarlsberg cheese & hot sauce too?  Ahhh twist my arm 😉

I should just commit myself to “cream cheese addicts anonymous” at this point… seriously.

I spent an early morning at the pool, starting with a 750M swim followed by some serious lounge time 😀

I haven’t swam in ohhhh about 2 years so I was pretty excited about the distance covered during that straight swim!

My kinda morning….

Dinner tonight is a continuation of new farmer’s market finds, but of course I’m throwing in a Mexican theme on it 😉

See ya back for more!


6 responses to “New Eats

  1. Gotta love the farmers market! Its awesome to find new veggie/fruit treats. And I’m obsessed with veggie baked beans as of late. Glad you’ve enjoyed all the pool time

  2. Those cake pops look too delicious. And I love the baby beets- adorable!! Summer produce makes me so happy 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

  3. I’ll never forget the first time I tried a beet. It was in the salad bar line in elementary school and I thought it was jellied cranberry sauce. Let’s just say it was not such a pleasant surprise. Haven’t tried ’em since. Beets also always remind me of Doug. Oooph, that show was the bomb!!

  4. Yes, I am totally excited to tomato season as well. I LOVE cherry tomatoes and tomato sandwiches. 🙂

    Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend. xoxo

  5. That looks great! I still haven’t cooked my beets. I’m clueless. I’d love the recipe you mentioned!

  6. Pancakes and cream cheese?! Sounds delish!

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