Candy Valley Cake Pop Giveaway!

Remember that lil’ giveaway I’ve been tempting you with for a few days now!??! 😉

Well the time is here friends!!

 Cake Pops - BOB

This would be a Candy Valley Cake Pop.

Quite possibly one of the best desserts I have ever had. Period.

If ya’ll remember, I discovered these fabulous treats at the farmer’s market earlier this year and have been in love with them ever since…

This cake is so super moist & flavorful plus coated with a candy shell & toppings, in the most perfect portion size ever… not to mention super cute… dessert WIN!

Well guess what?!?!  Keya, one of the Company’s owners, was kind enough to offer the chance for you friends to WIN some of your very own cake pops too!

A dozen of them to be exact.

Let’s just say I may have to enter this myself, gahhhh I want to win!!  (kidding friends, obviously I’m exempt… 😉 )

So here’s how you can enter!

1. Go visit my friends over at Candy Valley & leave me a comment below telling me which cake pop you’d most like to try!  Could it get any easier, seriously? (note:  you must do this in order to enter any bonus entry below)

2. Bonus Entry:  Go visit Candy Valley on facebook and “Like” these fabulous folks so you can stay up to date on all their fun flavors!  Leave a comment below saying you’ve done so.

3. Bonus Entry:  Post about this giveaway on your blog and link back, leaving a comment saying you’ve done so below.

4. Bonus Entry:  Tweet about this giveaway ‘Check out @cookinfanatic1 blog for your chance to win a dozen Candy Valley Cake Pops!!’  Leave a comment below saying you’ve done so.

Cake Pops - ZING

I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner Monday, June 14 after 5pm.

Can’t wait to see what all your favorite flavors are, and here’s a sneak peak at my top 3 😛

  1. BOB Chocolate Peanut Butter – chocolate cake w/ peanut butter chips, peanut butter candy shell 
  2. King of Pops – chocolate cake, vanilla candy shell, pretzels, nuts, fleur de sel, chocolate chips, butterscotch, potato chips & more!
  3. RVA Red Velvet – red velvet cake, vanilla candy shell, red velvet cake crumbs

69 responses to “Candy Valley Cake Pop Giveaway!

  1. gahhh- deliciousness. Chocolate mint all the way!

  2. And I really can’t pick just one that I would like to try, but THE FROU FROU – Cheesecake Brownie caught my attention!

  3. HOLY CRAP. Definitely red velvet! YES PLEASE!!

  4. I’m all over this! Not sure I could decide between cheesecake brownie & red velvet though! I would definitely buy the combo!

  5. “Liked” on facebook!

  6. Tweeted! I want those badddd!

  7. Vanilla Caramel with toffee bits?? holy yum!!!!! This is probably one of the best giveaways I’ve ever seen – these just look too delicious!!

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  9. Zing- Who could say no to raspberry, lemon AND white chocolate??

  10. i would love BOB – pb/chocolate is a match made in heaven 😉

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  12. Is the combo an option if so I’m going with B.O.B and Alpine Mantra if not I gotta choose the B.O.B

  13. I “LIKE” Candy Valley on Facebook 🙂 YAY for Bonus #1

  14. Ok here is the link on my blog…

    SCORE bonus #2

  15. I tweeted! Bonus #3 in the bag! Now do you have nutrition info on these 🙂 just in case I win..haha


    My favourite flavours:

    1. CHEESECAKE BROWNIE! Chocolate and cheesecake… need I say more?

    2. Vanilla Caramel for the toffee!

    I’m Candy Valley’s newest Facebook follower!

  17. Frou Frou Sounds Great.

  18. I like Candy Valley on facebook as Cristina Wyatt

  19. red velvet for sure!!

  20. KING OF POPS – Chocolate & Everything sounds fun 😀

  21. Mmm the Alpine Mantra for sure!

  22. Holy yum I’ve been waiting for this one girl!! I’m
    split between king of pops and the frou frou. Sucker for cheesecake!

  23. “liked” them on facebook!

  24. The BOB- chocolate and pb would be my first pick!

  25. I liked candy valley on FB. 🙂

  26. Bargain Bride blogged it!!

  27. It’s hard to pick a flavor, but if I had to, I would pick the fifty fifty!!

  28. just became of them on facebook! *thanks to my phone since we can’t do it at work!! ;-)*

  29. OMG! I’ve been DYING to try one of these babies since you posted pics. 🙂 I would (no surprise) love to try the BOB – Chocolate & Peanut Butter. Can you ever go wrong with that combo?? Really???

    Awesome giveaway, girl!

  30. Annnnd I just “Liked” them on Facebook!

  31. lowandbhold

    I can’t decide between the RVA and the Frou Frou. Too hard!

  32. lowandbhold

    I liked them 🙂

  33. ooh, how fun!!!

    The chocolate mint OR chocolate + everything both sound amazing!

  34. lowandbhold

    And I tweeted!

  35. I am currently on a white chocolate kick, so the Red Velvet ones look AMAZING!

  36. I “liked” them on facebook as well!

  37. i have been taking about how i want to try cake pops for weeks! i think the ALPINE MANTRA – Vanilla Caramel sounds awesome!

  38. The Fruo Fruo sounds delicious!

  39. savoringsarah

    i tweeted tooooo

  40. The Frou Frou!!! It sounds MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!

  41. amsterwill83

    They ALL sound amazing, but I would have to say my top two would be the Zing and the Alpine Mantra!

    Amanda (WannaBe Chef)

  42. amsterwill83

    I liked them on FB!

    Amanda (WannaBe Chef)

  43. amsterwill83

    I tweeted 🙂

    Amanda (WannaBe Chef)

  44. I copied and pasted on twitter. Had a problem at first. Didn’t realize I had included the space and ‘ at the front. But i got it to work! YEAH

  45. Oh my GOD, these all look SO GOOD! But I think if it were a life or death situation, I’d choose the King of Pops. A little of everything!

  46. I’d like to try King of Pops…sounds delicious!

  47. Just tweeted about your giveaway @CCJade23

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  49. Thos look AMAZIINNGGGGG!!!!

  50. Hook up the combo cake pops… 50-50 and King of Pops

  51. Oh wow- these look so good! I want to try them all!! But the two that caught my eye – RVA Red Velvet & Alpine Mantra – Vanilla Caramel. Yum!

    I also liked on Facebook too. 🙂

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  55. Heard about this giveaway and had to get in on it! King of Pops or Mint To Be for me.

  56. Mrs. Fisher

    I want the BOB!

  57. Mrs. Fisher

    I became a fan on Facebook

  58. I want the BOB, please.

  59. I would like the BOB please

  60. BOB please

  61. i would like king of pops and mint to be

  62. king of pops and mint to be

  63. I would like 1/2 Alpine Mantra and 1/2 BOB please

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