Five After Five – Wine & Food Extravaganza!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Well I don’t know about ya’ll, but this week sure has flown by!  Things are settling down a bit at work for the time being (i.e.  ohhh 4 days haha) so at least I’m not feeling as exhausted end of this week 😛

And guess what, after work today guess what Fanatic Mom and I finally got to do?!

Go to Five After Five at Whole Foods for their wine & food tasting! 🙂

Mom’s been before and we’ve been wanting to go together for some time now once I could get off work in time, and can’t say I was complaining because this was some of the best $10 ever spent!

Check out this menu, seriously fantastic!

We started off with a cold cucumber soup paired with Pisato Pinot Grigio.

The soup was cold & refreshing, a bit tart but we found out that the sugar had been omitted so I think that’s why.

I am normally not a Pinot Grigio fan, but I really enjoyed this one.  It wasn’t too sweet and was very refreshing.

Next up, a crab frittata topped w/ creamy horseradish paired with Toso Brut, a sparkling chardonnay.

I enjoyed this spin on a seafood dish and found it to be pretty tasty.

As for the wine, well pair this girl’s favorite wine type and make it “sparkle” (what girl doesn’t like a lil’ sparkle 😉 ) and you know that I was loving it!

Now we’re on to the best dish of the night, hands down.

Garlic & basil chicken sausage with pesto cream sauce paired with E’Talon Chardonnay.

Oh. My. Goodness.  This was outta this world good!  Mom and I were mmm’ing the whole way through 😛

The dish contained some fresh made chicken sausage, which we both agreed put the usual packaged chicken sausage (hello TJs) to SHAME.  We both bought a pound, go figure.

Good thing they give you these handy recipe cards too!  Let’s just say this would be a special treat meal 😉

This wine was our favorite of the night too.  It had a fresh from the winery taste that isn’t always easy to find, plus it was on sale from $26.99 to $14.99 so you know we were sold.

After chatting it up with Chef Jesse we found out that this particular wine is actually being discontinued 😦  Not happy about that, I’ll definitely be saving this bottle until I’m good and ready!

Up next were honey mustard chicken wings paired with Valdemar Tempranillo.

Not being a chicken wing lover (yea yea yea) I didn’t find these to be my favorite…

But the wine sure was good!  I love tempranillo, I drink it often during the cooler months and find it to be not too heavy and delightful in flavor.  Definitely one of my top reds.

Last on the menu were chocolate whoopie pies paired with Rimon Pomegranate Dessert Wine.

I forgot to snap a photo at the store, so here’s the half that made it home for The Man to try too 😉

This was sooooooooooo good!  It had hints of cinnamon or something in there and mmm mmmm mmmm it sure was tough to not scarf it all down.

The wine, not so much.  I had high hopes.  They were let down.  Ah well, you win most you lose one? 😉

So there you have it, can’t think of a better way to end my day then spending it with my wonderful mom enjoying such fabulous food & wine! 

I am seriously one lucky girl, thanks again Mom, I love you 😀

Hope everyone has a great night and is ready for F-RRRRR-I-D-A-YYYYYY!

And what are you waiting for, go enter my Candy Valley Cake Pop giveaway before it’s too late 😛


4 responses to “Five After Five – Wine & Food Extravaganza!

  1. $10 for all that? That is rocking. The food looks incredible. The cucumber soup sounds awesome. Sarah from Suite apple pie posted a cucumber soup earlier this week and I’ve been dreaming of it since then! Happy almost weekend

  2. WOW – that is some amazing food, all for $10!! I wonder if my WF’s does this??? What a GREAT idea.

    That whoopie pie gets my vote. 😉

  3. savoringsarah

    Um, WHAT!?!?! This type of event is SOOO up my alley! Here is my current entrepreneurial (real word???!) dream: shop myself to local wineries as a personal chef who will come in and host tasting & pairing events. They pay me to cater food tastings and pair them with their wines. Yeah!? Ha. Clearly your night has my mind reeling and stars floating in my eyes. Hope you have a fab Friday!

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