A storm is comin’!

Well hello there everyone!

Happy to report that we made it back alive from our river tubing trip yesterday…

Why do I say that you ask?? Oh just wait for it!

The morning started off bright and early with a 7am wakeup call, gathering of the masses and a lil’ over an hour drive out west to a more rural part of our fine state 🙂

Destination:  Scottsville, VA

The Man’s brother’s birthday celebration day!

Here’s the gang!

They loaded our group on an old yellow school bus with our inner tubes (the coolers got their own, obvi) and drove us up to the departure point.

The bus was H-O-T!!!  The Man purchased this toy the other night, which I laughed at him for doing, who’s laughing now huh?

He makes the weirdest face for pictures, grrrrrrrr!!

We got out on the river and soaked up the rays as we floated along & enjoyed a few beverages 😛

It was definitely hot & sunny, perfect tubing weather… for now. Duh duh duh duh.

I always find it somewhat awkward to wear tennis shoes with a bathing suit, but for the sake of not hurting yourself on the slick river rocks it’s definitely necessary!

River rocks.  Love that our digital camera is waterproof! 😛

There we a couple lil’ banks where we could “pull over” our connected mass of tubes and take a food/drink break which was definitely nice.

Well…… I think we must have stayed at this last beach a little too long because as soon as we got back on the river heading towards then end, some crazy dark storm clouds rolled in.

We thought we could make it to the end, even though we were getting pelted with wind & rain, until lightening began striking really close and the thunder was booming 😦

Ummm I was scared out of my mind, not gonna sugar coat that one.  And there was no nice lil’ beach/bank in SIGHT!

We had to immediately pull over to the river edge, which was a mess of trees/roots/tall grass, and climb our way out of the water to wait for the storm to pass.

Once the thunder began to sound farther away we got back in and made it to the end.

Freezing and scared.  I couldn’t have been happier to see the car and my warm towel!

So that was our adventure… or whatever you want to call it??

Upon arriving back to The Man’s parents house to continue the birthday festivities, his Mom had put together a fabulous spread of food 😀

She definitely saved the day!

Fresh strawberries & chocolate fondue

Fresh fruit w/ the most delicious fruit dip.

Pepperoni & cheese trays.

And unpictured shrimp cocktail, so good!

A late dinner included pork bbq, coleslaw, mac n’ cheese and potato salad… sorry friends, no camera around by that time 😉

Everyone hung out poolside at their house and enjoyed some more beverages until late in the night!

It was a great way to end a fun-filled yet adventurous day 🙂

And now, you must excuse me, as I have to go get ready to have Fanatic Mom & Dad over for dinner tonight!

I’m making one of the dishes that you saw during our Five After Five Whole Foods adventure… can’t wait to see how it turns out.

And if you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, you have one more day to win a dozen Candy Valley Cake Pops!!!!!!!!

Cake Pops - BOB

Have a great rest of the weekend friends.


7 responses to “A storm is comin’!

  1. Aww, sorry about the storm! However, the beginning looked like a blast. 🙂 Mike and I go on an annual tubing adventure with friends, it is one of my favorites days of the year.

    Oh, and chocolate fondue? That can turn around the worst of days. Thank goodness for that, huh?

  2. I would have peed myself, literally. That fondue was certainly a worthy reward for your little horrific adventue!

  3. Wow, that does sound scary! Glad you did get back eventually & had some delicious food waiting for you :).

  4. That would have totally freaked me out too! Glad you made it out safe 🙂 And what a great spread of food to come back to! Have fun with your parents tonight

  5. What an adventure! One to remember I’m sure. Glad you had a fun weekend! The chocolate fondue looks fantastic.

  6. I would have been petrified! We got stuck in a storm on our little boat once, and I was crying the whole time. Glad you made it home safely! Have a wonderful week love 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh – that would have scared the *&%^ out of me, too! I got stuck in a storm in my dad’s sailboat years ago….took me years to go back! 😉 You and the Man are too cute. I’m glad you had a great day minus the storm, at least!

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