A Reunion!

Ahhh “Friday” is here! 

This new job seriously makes the week fly by, not that I’m complaining!  But I’m definitely looking forward to a long weekend, that’s the truth 😀

I’m so glad ya’ll liked the Whole Foods recipes from the cooking demo too, I just love going to those classes and know that I’m always in for (1) a tasty treat and (2) some new recipe/food ideas!

Tonight’s dinner, however, not quite as exciting as Chef Jesse’s flavorful feast… but a good one none-the-less.

Since tonight was going to be filled with a lot of busy-ness (as has been this whole week) I needed something fast & easy.  Plus I had a date with Lady Jillian, ‘nuff said.

Key Lime Chicken

I “rediscovered” this seasoning blend in the cupboard last night when looking for a way to spice up some broccoli… I forgot how good this stuff is!

So it, of course, it immediately made it into tonight’s menu plan 😉

Key Lime Chicken… simple, easy, deelish.  Love the way it formed a nice spice “crust” – loaded with flava!

Served with a mixture of sauteed corn, green pepper and roasted red peppers seasoned w/ salt, pepper and oregano (have you picked up on a “fave fanatic spice” trend yet… 😉 )

This dinner hit the spot.

Well, I take that back, this dinner plus the Ray’s Chocolate Frozen Water Ice I just demolished really hit the spot 😛

So like I said, I have the day off tomorrow because we are headed to one of my best college girlfriend’s wedding!!!!!!!!!!

I met Jess our freshman year in the dorm at JMU and we were best friends from the start, so you know I’m excited to see her tie the knot 😀

Old school New Year’s Eve ladies!

It’ll be not only a reunion of  the original “1169 ladies” (it was our apartment number friends…)

And our quasi-may-as-well-have-been our roomie bestie Laura 😀

Plus the big group of great college friends, that of which haven’t all been together at once in a few years now!

Can’t forget this crazy fool, our best friend Robbie who I can’t wait to see since his move far away!

Ahhh I’m getting so excited just thinking about it all 😛

So that’s our weekend in a nutshell… and thankfully we have our favorite Fanatic parents to stay at our house with Lucy Dog while we are gone!  They are lifesavers, seriously.

What are you friends up to this weekend?!

Alright, well I’ll see you at some point.  It’s going to be a busy weekend and not sure what the internet access is lookin’ like anyway, but when I see you again I’ll have lots to report I’m sure.

Have a great night everyone 🙂


10 responses to “A Reunion!

  1. Key lime? Josh LOVES key lime- he’d be all over this chicken. Have so much fun this weekend- close friend weddings are the best. This weekend- teaching, time with friends, Josh & Frank, BBQ with parents, aunt/uncle/cousin on Sunday!

  2. Aww, have fun at the wedding. My weekend is looking free & relaxing – just what I need after what feels like endless weekends that were jam-packed. 🙂

  3. OMG I loving those pics! Your hair looks so pretty and blonde! we look so similar its scaryyyyyyy


  4. Heck yes, I LOVE weddings! I can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂 And congrats to the bride and groom, of course.

    Key Lime Chicken sounds out of this world! I’d gobble that right up! Not much going on this weekend besides Mike’s band having a gig!

  5. Oooh, I want to find some of that seasoning mix!

  6. lowandbhold

    I love catching up with old friends at weddings. Have fun!!

  7. MMmmmmmm, key lime chicken sounds great!

    Have lots of fun this weekend!! 🙂

  8. Hmmm – I think I DO have a b-day coupon to World Market….I have to see if it’s still good so I can get that seasoning! I LOVE Key Lime.

    I hope you have a great weekend, girl – love the dress you have on in the last pic! you look absolutely gorgeous (and tan)!

  9. Have fun at the wedding, you must be so excited to see all your old friends! This weekend I’m going to my brother’s fiance’s bachelorette party…clearly, it’s wedding season!

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