My Best Friend’s Wedding

Congrats to Matt & Jessica!!!

This weekend The Man and I trekked down to Roanoke, VA to be a part of one of my best friend’s weddings… Jess and I go back all the way to freshman year of college and she is seriously one of the most wonderful people that I could be blessed with in my life 😀

As I mentioned before, not only was this a weekend to celebrate her marriage but also for a group of JMU best friends to reunite and party it up together like it was 2004! 😉

After a last minute trip to the doctors Friday morning for my sore throat (wtf, I have no tonsils?!) we finally packed up and hit the road!  (I made sure to pack lots of advil since it was a virus apparently = no meds)

I snacked on this lil’ guy

Flavor = tasty.  Full factor = superb, worked it’s magic for the whole 3 hour ride.  Ingredient list = a bit too long for my  liking.  Ah well.

We arrived at the historic Hotel Roanoke and checked in for our weekend stay.

They say this hotel is haunted… and my friend’s Dad’s lamp turned on in the middle of the night!?  Don’t know if he was trying to fool us or not, but the place was gorgeous none-the-less!

The other two JMU roomies & bff’s arrived around the same time too!  So we got all dressed up and headed out to the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner.

Gosh I love these girls, we’ve been through so much together and no matter how much time goes by we just come back together like nothing has ever changed since graduating 6 years ago… my Mom always told me that’s how true friends are and as always, she was right!

The rehearsal dinner was at The Plantation on Sunnybrook and the scenery was beautiful.  Not to mention the dinner fare, buffet style!

Salad, fruit, mac n’ cheese, potatoes, burger w/ mushrooms & onions (had to have a taste!), tortilla chips & artichoke dip… yea I went a lil’ nuts with this mountain of food haha 😛

The dessert was the real show stopper however, homemade chocolate buttercream cake omggggggggg good!

This was so outta control delicious!

Not as delicious as my  hot date though 😉

So corny.  I’ll stick with my day job haha.

The  night ended with a few drinks at 202 Market, a bar near our hotel, and lots of catching up!  Also a lil’ late night fake swimming against the uber-glowing wall inside said bar, no big deal.

We made sure to get plenty of rest for the big day of course though 😀

The next day the ladies in the bridal party + bride made it over to Zee’s Salon and Day Spa to get their hair did, this place was beautiful inside!

Jess’s hair looked phenomenal, I loved it!!!

I had mine done kind of on the side with some curls, a braid on the other side pulled the look together.

When we got back to the hotel all of our friends started arriving and everyone was getting into wedding/party mode!!!

After getting all dressed up we headed over to the church and got ready to watch our best friend tie the knot 🙂

Hard to believe that it was 6 years ago the four of us were living in an apartment together living the college “dream” — *sigh* I miss those days!

The ceremony was perfect, and I cried (tears of happiness of course) per usual 😉

After the wedding vows were said and the pictures were taken, we rolled out to the wedding reception…

Where let’s just say a night full of good friends, many a cocktail and lots of outta control dancing ensued! 😛

And look who made it along for that ride too – surprise! – none other than Fanatic Mom & Dad!!  They have been friends of the bride’s family over the years too so you know they weren’t going to miss out on this one 😀

Partying with my parents = love it, they are so much fun!

The night was seriously so perfect for Jess, she looked stunning and I know that everyone there couldn’t have been happier for her — mwuah love you girl!

It was a fabulous time, I loved having all of us together again and wish it could happen more often… *sigh*

After rolling ourselves outta bed Sunday morning (hey, I’m not gettin’ any younger here, late nights are tough these days haha) we hit the road and made it back to Richmond…

A quick stop at the store and we were off again to The Man’s parent’s house for a Father’s Day dinner with his fam!

Dinner spread, sans slow cooked ribs done over low heat on the grill…

I was “meated out” though and skipped that course.

After all that we finally made it home just in time for one of our favorite shows, True Blood!  And then it was off to bed and now it’s Monday already… where did the time go?!


10 responses to “My Best Friend’s Wedding

  1. Ow- I want to try that bar. I’m going on a trip next weekend- totally picking it up. Glad you had fun at the wedding. I love love buffets at weddings or rehearsals. As elegant as sit down dinners are (thats what we had) its nice to be able to pick what you want. Your hair looked fabulous

  2. I LOVE weddings, what a beautiful wedding your BFF had! You looked gorgeous, too! That chocolate buttercream cake… omg is right, it is making me DROOL! Congrats to the newlyweds. 🙂

  3. What a fun wedding! And your hair?! Soooo freaking cute!

  4. Love weddings, they are so much fun. Looks like you had a great time 🙂 Dresses are beautiful!

  5. Seeing college friends is the best – particularly when weddings are involved.

    And, I love the picture of you fake swimming!!

  6. lowandbhold

    I love old hotels like that!

    Looks like a beautiful and fun wedding!

  7. Looks like a great time! The bride looked gorgeous & I loved your hair! I was supposed to be in a wedding in October, but its not happening now. If it was, I was totally gonna steal that hairstyle! Super cute! 🙂

    Oh & we love True Blood here too! Vampire Eric? Yes, please!

  8. Girl, you look absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE your hair. I’m in a wedding this fall, and curly hair updos are so hard. 😦 LOVE the hotel, too – very “The Shining”! Everything was absolutely beautiful and I’m glad you had a great time with your friends. I ❤ weddings!

  9. HA your dad is double fisting! Awesome!

    You were a beautiful bridesmaid 🙂

  10. What a beautiful wedding!!! I love your hair and the rehearsal dinner dress you wore!

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