What’s Your ‘Perfect Summer Day’?

Today started off with an early trip to the farmer’s market, where the fresh vegetables and fruit have started to overflow the stands.

I am in heaven…

But more on these later.

It was followed with a fit into the ol’ Speedo and a 750 meter swim outside.  Glorious.

A quick change into the 2 piece and a few hours spent poolside.  Intermittent rain shower included.  Nothing a quick run for cover couldn’t remedy 😉

Then shopping with Mom, did I mention that she’s my favorite shopping buddy ever?

Well, she is.

A few stops included the purchase of some new summer dresses, some road-side Hanover tomatoes and a trip to our new favorite wine & beer store ever.

Once Upon A Vine, a wine & beer lover’s dream.

It’s in what looks like an old 7-11.  Don’t judge.

They’ve been nationally recognized for their selection.  If you live in Richmond, go there, now.  It may change your life.

Speaking of things that may change your life, tonight’s dinner was outta control.

Did I mention how much I love summer eats? 😛

Oh yes, that would be zucchini ‘pasta’ with fresh garlic/tomato/basil ‘sauce’.

This exceeded every expectation I had for this dish when thinking it up in my head.

Farmer’s market finds at their finest.

We have:

  • 1 zucchini, sliced thin w/ mandolin
  • 1 Hanover tomato, chopped
  • 1 yellow tomato, chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped
  • fresh basil
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • salt & pepper

The zucchini had a meet up with the mandolin, and thus, the ‘pasta’ was born.

The tomatoes were chopped, I threw in some of the yellow cherry tomatoes too.

These are a close second to my beloved Hanover tomato.  If you’re from the greater Richmond area, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

Hanover county produces some of the best tomatoes known to man, seriously.  They say it’s in the soil…

“They” are right.

A simple quick saute of the garlic in olive oil for a minute or two, followed by the tomatoes for another minute two, finished with the basil… don’t forget the S&P.

Fresh, rip tomatoes without S&P is a crime in my book, but that’s just my personal opinion 😉

I gave the zucchini pasta a 2 minute visit to the microwave to soften it up and then served.

Like I said before, life changing.

Fresh summer meals just speak to me.  I can’t get enough of them.

I could eat this everyday, the garlic tang paired with the sweetest of the tomatoes and the fresh basil was far beyond what I had imagined.

I think the quick cook of each of these items really brought their flavors together, or something like that 😉

Oh but of course there was more.

Fresh corn from the farmer’s market.  Nothing like it.

The Man had never had super-fresh corn before (another crime in my book!)

He couldn’t believe the way this tasted.  He ate the whole cob in one bite.  You think I’m kidding.

Then reached over and tried to eat mine.  Homie don’t play that.  Step off.

A veggie burger topped w/ ketchup & mustard finished off the meal.


Now we are lounging around, enjoying the sunny skies even though it’s well after 8pm.  Ahhhh summer, why can’t you last forever?

What’s your ‘perfect summer day’?


3 responses to “What’s Your ‘Perfect Summer Day’?

  1. Ohhh my goodness that zucchini summer pasta looks do die for. Gotta love the fresh fruits and veg in the summertime! My perfect summer day includes time at the pool, eating fruit and sitting on the patio with my family…all the things that have reminded me of summer since I was a kid!

  2. Your perfect summer day sounds remarkably similar to mine. Love the fresh farmer’s market vegetables, shopping with Mom, exercise and time in the sun! I am so interested in your zucchini pasta recipe too! I can’t wait for tomatoes and corn to be ripe here in Massachusetts!

  3. savoringsarah

    Hello twin, maybe I please borrow your perfect day? Because I love everything about it! farmers markets, fresh air & lounging, shopping, sun, wine, fresh foods dinner….check check and check! sounds like you had a great great weekend 🙂

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