Coco-Chippy Giveaway!

Well I’m sure that ya’ll are familiar with my love (okay, obsession) for Tropical Traditions products 🙂

From their gold label virgin coconut oil to their organic coconut peanut butter and even their coconut lotion, this company has some seriously awesome goods!

Well guess what, I’ve been trying out another one of these fabulous products over the past few days and must say that I am lovin’ it!  So you know that means I have to share it with you friends 😀

Know what this is?

Coconut Chips!!

Now we all know my love for coconut is a bit, shall we say, outta control 😉 so when I got the opportunity to try these beauties  you know I was all for it!

Tropical Traditions coconut chips are made from organic coconuts, contain NO additives or preservatives and are not sweetened.

Unlike most coconut on the market, their coconut is NOT treated with sulfites to keep it white either.

A+ in my book.

So how have I been eating my coconut chips?  Well aside from a handful here and there, I’ve been adding them to my oatmeal every morning and love the flavor + texture that they add to my usual breakfast.

Peachy Coco-Chippy oats, some stirred in and some on top.  Perfection.

They are great for a snack, great in cooking and I imagine would be fabulous in baked goods too!

So guess what friends… you know what this means…. it’sssssss


Coconut Chips - 1 gallon pail

Yes, that’s right, the friends at TropTraditions are offering the chance for one of you to win your own organic coconut chips and all you have to do to enter is one or all of the following:

  1. Go visit my friends over at Tropical Traditions & sign up for their newsletter, then leave me a comment below telling me you’ve done so and you’re in!  Could it get any easier, seriously? (note:  you must do this in order to enter any bonus entries below )
  2. Bonus Entry 1:  Follow Tropical Traditions (@troptraditions) on Twitter, leaving me a comment below saying you’ve done so.
  3. Bonus Entry 2:  Spread the word on twitter by copying & pasting the following, leaving me a comment below saying you’ve done so:  “Enter to win FREE  Organic Coconut Chips from @Cookinfanatic1 @TropTraditions #giveaway”
  4. Bonus Entry 3:  Post a link back to this giveaway on your blog, leaving me a comment below saying you’ve done so.

I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner on Monday, July 5!

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.


22 responses to “Coco-Chippy Giveaway!

  1. whoa! What a fun giveaway. I want these chips…I need them 😉 I get their newsletter now

  2. Sounds great to me I’d love to have them send me some coconut it’s my favorite thing on the planet! I already belong to their email newsletter so double easy for me! I have 5 giveaways, come visit!

  3. I subscribe by rss feed to your blog which is how I found this giveaway.

  4. I do follow tropical traditions on twitter dlsblogs.

  5. I also follow tropical traditions on facebook barb g.

  6. I signed up for the TT newsletter!

  7. I follow tropical traditions on twitter! I’m @cygirl88

  8. I get the newsletter!

  9. I follow them!

  10. I tweeted!

  11. I signed up for the tropical traditions newsletter.

  12. I signed up for the newsletter!

  13. I follow them on twitter (@mgonyeo)

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  15. Victoria Lester

    I signed up for Tropical Traditions Newsletter.

  16. Victoria Lester

    I follow Tropical Traditions on Twitter. I’m @victoria99999

  17. I’m signed up for their newsletter

  18. Follow Tropical Traditions (@troptraditions) on Twitter @matt4melis

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