Somethin’ outta nothin’!


But not only is it just any friday though my friends, it’s vacation friday for this lady!

You got that right, for the next week I’ll be bloggin’ to you from one of my favorite beaches everrrr 😛

So ready!

The Man will be staying behind to take care of the house/Lucy dog for a few days and then joining the fam for fun in the sun later in the week…

And thankfully Lucy dog will be under the care of The Man’s brother & girlfriend for the rest of the week – so glad they could stay here with her – thanks again guys!

So in an effort to really “scrape the cupboards clean” before I leave, tonight’s dinner was quite the making of “somethin’ outta nothin’!”

One thing I dislike strongly is wasting food before leaving for vacay – coming up with meals w/ what we have left in the house is kinda fun and cleansing for the soul, no?

First up, we have a pasta salad!

Dressing up a boxed pasta salad makes for some serious yum-factor in a pinch 😀

And just ’cause it’s in a box doesn’t mean that you can’t “spice it up” with your own add-ins, right?!

Meet edamame, adding fiber & protein to your everyday pasta salad!

Other additions included:

  • chopped green pepper
  • chopped onion
  • fresh basil
  • white balsamic vinegar
  • S&P
  • 3 tblsp water, 1 tblsp EVOO, spice packet

Me = loved it.  It actually surpassed my expectations and turned out phenomenally well!

I was a bit worried about The Man however, after he says to me, “wtf is edamame” hahaha 😉

Wellllll… guessed who demolished his whole bowl and proclaimed it to be really really good.  Score!

Onto the next bit of randomness, utilizing the only protein source we had in the house aside from said edamame & peanut butter…

No-mayo deviled eggs!

Now I don’t care much for deviled eggs (not a yolk fan?) however Mr. Man loves these suckers made w/ the traditional mayo recipe…

I spy a challenge… 😉

Since we don’t keep mayo in the house (eck, despise the stuff, sorry friends) it was time to improvise!

Using this recipe & these friends:

This came outta the kitchen…

(a dusting of cayenne on top)

… to which The Man proclaimed to be “better than any other deviled egg he’s ever had.”


I was going to actually give one a try but when I got back into the den (it was a casual eating night in our house!) they were G-O-N-E haha 😛

So lesson learned tonight, making “somethin’ outta nothin'” can be tasty, healthy AND economical!

There you have it, this week is a wrap and it’s time to get my vacay on 😀

What’s going on with you friends, any fun plans lined up for the weekend?!  Do share!!


7 responses to “Somethin’ outta nothin’!

  1. YUMMMMM how do you love edamame? I have never had them!


  2. I have never been a fan of deviled eggs either but my dad loves them. 🙂 Glad to see that yours were a hit! Have a great weekend.

  3. Great job on the creations! I hate mayo too- it makes my tummy turn over. I saw another blogger use hummus instead of mayo in their deviled eggs- I thought this was genius! Have so much fun on your trip. This weekend== working (yuck), teaching (yayy), Brunch (triple yayy) and sun!

  4. I love deviled eggs! Never made them tho. Enjoy your vaca, you deserve it!!

  5. See, we’re the opposite over here with my being a mayo fan and Chris pretty much hating it. I better take some tips from you just to figure out how to doctor up my favorite mayo recipes so he’ll eat them :). Nice work with the deviled eggs!

  6. I love pasta salads and I love eggs. So this was an amazing post for me 🙂

  7. I think your pulled together dinner looks awesome! Have a blast at the beach lady!! 🙂

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