The Perfect Storm?

Phew it was a hot one today!

Spent the morning doing some Yoga Sculpt on ExerciseTV and some ab work… it was glorious 🙂

Then we headed out to beach, but only lasted about 3 hours in the crazy hot temps!

So instead of frying ourselves for any longer, we went in search for some beach reads & fresh produce, check out the finds!

  • North Carolina tomatoes
  • South Carolina peaches
  • local peppers

Would you believe that all this only came to $7????  Crazy talk, right!?

Then early evening a crazy storm rolled through, well not technically through, because it circled all around us but never actually really hit… ?

Outta control rain, lightening and thunder over the ocean…!

So of course we decided to make a lil’ home video of the whole “situation” 😛


After that was all said and done, it was onto dinner!

But not before cocktail hour, obvi 😉

On the “fresh by the sea” menu tonight we have:

  • scallops, 2 ways
  • baked zucchini fries
  • garden salad
  • fresh 9 grain bread w/ butter

We made the scallops 2 ways, the first being a breaded recipe that I’ve done many times and one that is always a sure hit – so good!

Fresh local scallops, dipped in milk, rolled in seasoned bread crumb and then drizzled w/ a butter & worcestershire (melted) mixture.

This recipe tastes so decadent even though it only uses about 1.5 tblsp butter… this was the fave tonight!

We also gave some scallops, seasoned w/ key lime seasoning,  a saute in some coconut oil (is Fanatic Fam hooked yet??? 😉 it was upon Mom’s request!) until caramelized & perfectly done.

There were also some baked zucchini “fries” made w/ bread crumb, oregano, S&P and an egg – served w/ marinara sauce of course 😀

And a fresh garden salad to round out the meal.

Who needs to go out to eat when they can have meals like this at home?!??!

Alright, well off to enjoy the lingering lightening show out over the water and sip on some more vino… ah vacation, why can’t you last forever 😉

Have a great night everyone!


6 responses to “The Perfect Storm?

  1. Love scallops! They look delicious. Glad you are having fun! 🙂

  2. Such cheap and delicious looking tomatoes! Getting that many here at this time would probably be $10 :(. Glad you’re rocking out your beach time though!

  3. Wow, that looks like a crazy storm!! I love thunderstorms at the beach…it’s always so flat and you can see it all so well! Scallops just might be my favorite seafood, so this looks great!

  4. lowandbhold

    What an amazing day! All that gorg produce? Trippy thunderstorm? Zuke fries? Yes to it all!

  5. Mmmm…I love scallops! I usually just saute them in butter & garlic, with the hubby loves, but I may have to try your ways too! Sounds so good!

  6. That is some nice looking produce ; ) And the breaded zucchini fries sound great! Love watching thunderstorms come in off the beach.

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