Fresh Fish Tacos!

We’re still here friends!

The Man finally arrived the other night and we spent a most glorious day at the beach w/ mini-Fanatic yesterday, the weather was hot but still felt great 😀

Nice pose honey haha…

I rocked it out hat style most of the day, that sun was strong on the face!

No one’s gettin’ any younger here 😉

I also had a lovely, quick Pilates session on ExerciseTV which left my abs feelin’ sore through today!

Once the sun went down it was time to start on another fresh seafood dinner!

I have to tell you friends that the fish market down the street from our house, Austin’s Seafood Company, has some seriously phenomenal seafood.

Fresh North Carolina shrimp & local grouper fish tacos were on the menu tonight!

It doesn’t get much better than this 😛

Strawberry grouper & snowy grouper

Seasoned w/ chili powder, sea salt, pepper, fresh lime juice & olive oil – baked at 425F for about 15 minutes until it just flaked apart.

With the addition of some local tomatoes (red & yellow)


Chopped up with some onion, fresh lime juice, S&P – basically a salsa w/out the cilantro

The fish taco assembly went down!

  • tortillas
  • grouper
  • mock salsa
  • shredded lettuce
  • shredded pepper jack cheese
  • spicy roasted pepper salsa

Not only was it a beauty, but also so ridiculously delicious!! 🙂

Vacation eats have definitely been top-notch, can I please bring this seafood market home with me as a souvenir???

Ahhh a girl can dream…

Well today we have another day by the ocean lined up and then my best friend Laura arrives this afternoon… gonna be a packed house and I’m so excited!  We’re headed out tonight to a local bar too so should be quite the night!

Now off to detox with some yoga in prep for said night, after “wine wednesday” yesterday I think it’s necessary 😉

*sigh* vacation is rough….

Lata gatas!


4 responses to “Fresh Fish Tacos!

  1. Vacation rocks! What a great dinner y’all put together. The fresh ingredients (from meat, to produce) are pretty spectacular down south this time of year. Enjoy it all

  2. All that freshness looks so amazing!

  3. Strawberry grouper? That sounds awesome!

  4. Those fish tacos look perfect!

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