Crazy Peppers?!

After our night out Friday night, I spent yesterday being busy busy!  But busy doing things you love really doesn’t feel like “busy” now does it 😉

I talked mini-Fanatic into gettin’ up pretty early and hitting up the farmer’s market with me (she’s easily bribable with Starbucks friends haha), where we proceeded to buy everything they had.  Seriously.

Some of our bounty included these beauties:

Upon seeing these crazy peppers I may or may not have stated “this is something I HAVE to have!”

Who says that about peppers?  Really Steph?

A lady laughed “with” me about that one 😛

After a “necessary” Target stop we were famished, and these crazy peppers sure did make for a delicious lunch salad addition, sweet & flavorful!

Lil’ Sis and I pulled together an at-home salad bar with all our goodies.

Romaine, cherry gold tomatoes, cucumber, tomato, fresh basil, onion, peppers, white beans seasoned w/ oregano, farmer’s market pickles, S&P plus some Giada raspberry vinaigrette.

We picked these pickles up at the market from a new vendor and I love them more than Snooki loves fried pickles.

“This puts pickles on a whole new level.”  <—– anyone else watch it hahaha?!

We also gave a go at okra fries for the first time.

Cooking spray, S&P then baked for 20 minutes at 400F.

Verdict?  Unlike my aversion to the “beloved kale chip” of the blog world, these were DELICIOUS!  Lil’ sis and I are hooked.

In fact, so hooked that I made them again for dinner. I kid you not (proof’s in the picture haha?)

Pretty fan-spankin’-tabulous!

After lunch we headed to the pool for a bit and then continued our day of shopping with Fanatic Mom – peas in a pod I tell ya.

Once I got home I was beat!  I decided that some detox yoga was in order and it was a fabulous 20 minute quick workout.

After yoga-fying myself it was dinner time 🙂

I picked up some local grass-fed ground beef at the market so I knew that burgers had to be on the menu tonight 🙂

More okra fries (told-ya-so 😉 ) and fresh farmer’s market corn (found a worm in 1 of them *shriek!!* haha)

Made with a mixture of Dijon mustard, worcestershire sauce & Frank’s hot sauce plus S&P then cooked stovetop, these turned out beautifully.

I topped The Man’s w/ this buffalo wing cheese —> complimented the buffalo peanuts I got him earlier in the day.

I think he’d eat ice cream if it were slathered in buffalo sauce, it’s a bit ridiculous 😉

The fresh mozzarella was paired w/ some fresh Hanover tomatoes and topped w/ basil, S&P and balsamic vinegar.

Summer food beauty at it’s finest.  At least in my opinion!

And now it’s Sunday… and cloudy.  Looks like some around the house chores are in order (oh glamorous life!)

Enjoy you day everyone 😀


2 responses to “Crazy Peppers?!

  1. Glad you got in some bucks and farmers market action. Those peppers do look like the jam! And your little caprese style salad…delicious! Ah Sundays. Always so much to do

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