Hoisin Sauce

I was first introduced to using Hoisin sauce during one of the many Whole Foods cooking demos I have attended, where  Chef Jesse prepared delicious Asian tofu tacos and I fell in love with the flavor of this sauce right away.

He mentioned that using Hoisin sauce as a “barbeque sauce” for chicken was also a delicious & easy way to add great flavor to ordinary chicken breasts.

So last night I finally gave it a try!

Simply marinated some chicken breasts from Whole Foods in about half the bottle of sauce for an hour or two.  Then added to a hot pan, gave a crack of black pepper and let cook until done flipping once or twice.

The hoisin sauce caramelizes and gets so delicious… this was good!!!

All served up for her with a sweet potato topped w/ spicy hot salsa and some steamed broccoli (which was later dipped in ketchup, but we won’t go there haha).

For him, a cinnamon & butter sweet potato and broccoli topped with ham & swiss.

Gotta run, need to get through all my deliverables at work so I can get home to take care of The Man who is sick!!!

Lata gatas.


4 responses to “Hoisin Sauce

  1. Hope the man feels better ASAP!

    The cinnamon and butter on the man’s sweet potato reminded me of the amazing jalapeno corn bread with cinnamon butter we had last night at a restaurant. Omggg, so good!

  2. Love this stuff! I’ve used it in a number of great Asian inspired recipes. Hope the man is feeling better. At least he has a cute nurse 😉

  3. lowandbhold

    I love Hoisin. Mmmm!

  4. Hoisin sauce is very versatile. Your chicken looks wonderful and SO easy!

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