Famous Friends & Distant Vacations…

Happy Thursday everyone!

Hopefully ya’ll got to catch the fabulous Caitlin on The Today Show this morning discussing Operation Beautiful and her newly released book.

SO exciting!   And if you missed it, you can always catch up with it online here Smiley

I met Caitlin at FitBloggin earlier this year and she is super cool and a really nice person, I’m so happy for her and glad that so many people are supporting her and her success!

Well since The Man has been home sick with an upper respiratory infection the past couple days (but somehow managed to spotlessly clean the house, ummm hello boyfriend points!) last night’s dinner was chicken soup for him and a monster veggie-fied salad for me.

No pics included, sorry friends Smiley

Instead, how about a few pics of the one place I can’t get out of my mind at work today and the one place I’d LOVE to be right now!

Have you ever been on a vacation that you wish you could “live over again?”

That was this one for me.  Family, boyfriend, best friend plus relaxation, beach, morning yoga and delicious food & wine.  Amazing amazing week.


Now back to reality. And my cubicle.

TGIAF!  And happy GTL night too Smiley

What I’m loving this week (still!): YogaDownload.com


3 responses to “Famous Friends & Distant Vacations…

  1. I’m SO happy for Caitlin! She is such an amazing person, that girl is amazing.

    Looking back on vacations can be so nice sometimes. I would love to relive the Playa vacation we went on earlier this year. 🙂

  2. I worked from home this morning and got to see Caitlin! She did such an amazing job. MAJOR boyfriend points. Can he call Josh for me 😉 Yes- I want to relive my honeymoon over and over again.

  3. lowandbhold

    I want to relive every vacation! I hate when they end, haha.

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