Hey hey everyone!  I hope ya’ll had a great weekend 🙂

Sorry for going MIA, we’ve been busy bees this weekend!

Including a Saturday at the farmer’s market, a trip to the pool then an early evening showing of this:

Which was really really good, however I still don’t know how I feel about the end… anyone else?!?

We also had a yummy impromptu sushi dinner afterwards at one of our favorite sushi places, but no camera on hand for that one sorry about that.  It was delicious though, and there was plenty of it 😛

Then last night it was decided that we would wake up bright and early this morning and take a lil’ impromtu drive down I-64 to Virginia Beach for the day!

Such a great idea, well minus the getting lost for a bit and the traffic jam coming home haha… but it’s all in the adventure right?!

Virginia Beach is much different than my beloved Outer Banks of North Carolina, a strip of sandy beach & boardwalk area covered w/ hotels, shops and restaurants… which also makes it more crowded… but at only 2 hours away it’s the perfect spot for a day trip! 

Especially when it includes fun statues like this 😉

And one of the best lunches I’ve had in a while at an oceanside cafe!

The Man picked out our lunch destination spot, Catch 31 Fish House & Bar, and it seriously did not disappoint.  Such a cozy cute patio area perfect for people watching!  It was one of my fave parts of the day… just a perfect moment.

We started the meal with a cocktail, which is always a required lunch item when at the beach in my eyes 😉

I ordered the Pinot Grigio, which was a different choice for me but tasted so refreshing and deelish!

The Man chose the bloody mary upon recommendation of our server.  I don’t normally go for this type of drink, but I gave it a taste and it was really good!

For my meal I chose the organic mixed greens topped w/ blackened Cajun shrimp served w/ balsamic vinaigrette:

It was SO GOOD!  The shrimp were perfectly seasoned and cooked, so fresh and good on such a hot day!

The Man ordered the crab cake sandwich which I neglected to capture on photo since I was busy scarfing my food down 😛  Sorry guys!

After feeding our faces we headed back down to the water when this crazy fog rolled in?!?!  This was the strangest thing ever… never seen afternoon fog not accompanied by a storm like this? 

But it was gone within the hour and the sun was shinin’ again!

After a quick ice cream stop and some shopping we turned around and headed home…

And now we are just finishin’ up some dinner which I can’t wait to share with you guys tomorrow, it was based off a bloggie recipe and it was more than fabulous I must say!  Mmmm mmmm 😀

Now time to get to watching True Blood, seriously one of my favorite shows everrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

See ya’ll for Monday!


3 responses to “Impromptu!

  1. No need to apologize for going MIA! Life gets busy 🙂 Such a fun trip to the beach. Your salad looks fantastic and who can say no to a little beachy ice cream? Hope you have a good Monday

  2. I’m glad you had a weekend of fun in the sun. 🙂 I wish I lived near the coast to make a day trip. Alas, the swimming pool will have to do.

    Have a wonderful Monday my dear!

  3. I took a day trip with some girlfriends & our kids to VA Beach at the end of June. The kids had a ball & it was nice for the Mama’s to catch up! We wanted to do it again, but summer is getting away from us & everyone is getting busy with vacations & for me – getting myself ready for my daughter’s fifth birthday & her going to kindergarten next month!

    Your salad looks realy good!! And next time I do get a chance for a day trip – ice cream is probably a must for me & the kiddo! 🙂

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