Cutie Pies & Veggie Gardens

Hey everyone!  Hope ya’ll are having a fabulous Monday 🙂

Well we spent the day yesterday visiting these cutie pies!

And one of my best college friends (the mommy) and her hubby!

The twins have gotten so much bigger and are outta control adorable 😛

The happy fam also has a big garden in their yard and was nice enough to let us go pickin’ (excited!)

Lotsa tomatoes (we all know my affinity towards these suckers…)

A giant watermelon (!!)

And some unseen poblano & green bell peppers.

It was a great visit, always so nice to catch up with good friends!

Then we spent the evening at a going-away party eating bbq chicken, beans, veggies & dip… you know, the usual summer party fare — however my camera was shy around new friends so sorry for no pics.  Twas deelish though 😀

And after a great Monday at work today plus some Yoga w/ Weights, it turned out to be a no-cook dinner kind of night.

Well that was more-so due to the fact that The Man had his playoff bball game, so I was on my own!

I decided to go with a trusty frozen option that was a zero-effort kinda deal.

I rarely eat frozen foods (I think I OD’ed in college) but this Cedarlane burrito is one that I go-to in a pinch.  I really like it!

Frank” and I are having a lil’ love affair 😉  I’d rather not talk about it haha….

To go with my easy peasy burrito dinner I whipped up some okra fries (told ya I was obsessed!) and a fresh heirloom tomato w/ sea salt & peppa.

I tossed the okra in 1 tsp olive oil, black pepper and sea salt then 20 minutes at 400F and they were ready.

Dinner is served!

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hang out with my “tv boyfriend” for a little while 😉  Shhhh, don’t tell!

If you watch Bachelor Pad, who are your favorites so far?!?!  I really like Jesse Beck as far as guys go (could ya tell haha?) but the verdict’s still out on the ladies!


8 responses to “Cutie Pies & Veggie Gardens

  1. Awwwwwww, look at those cuties in their little bumbos! 🙂 Adorable!!

    I love that cedarlane burrito!! Great idea to get Frank involved in that action!! 🙂

  2. They are the cutest little guys!

  3. The twins are adorable!!!

  4. The twins are super cute! Those heirloom tomatoes look great! I need to try some of those.

  5. Oh my word….a baby in the Bumbo is the CUTEST thing, especially TWO babies in a Bumbo! Love it!!

    Gosh, I do love me some Kiptyn (more so because I think he’s sweet, his voice is a wee bit high for me hahaha)…but Jesse B. is a cutie, too. 😉 What was UP with Chris Harrison’s tie last night??!!

  6. lowandbhold

    Totally agree about Chris’s tie last night, it was hideous haha. And the pink tutu was strange. As far as guys, Jesse Beck is def the hottest and I’ve always liked Gia from her season.

    Those little boys are toooo adorable.

  7. My best friend at work just had her little baby boy on Saturday morning, the cutest little thing ever! Baby Dino! 🙂

    I recorded the Bachelor Pad last night since we were at cooking class. I can’t wait to watch!

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