WF Cooking Demo: Gone Local

Last night Fanatic Mom, Brittany and I attended another installment of our favorite Whole Foods cooking demoseries with Chef Jesse!

This time around the chef centered the menu around local & fresh ingredients, which I was very excited about.

Whole Foods considers “local” to be within a 200 mile radius of your community so the menu featured a number of different items since we are lucky enough to live near the coast & have plenty of bountiful farms!

On the menu tonight:

Caprese Salad

This was a pasta spin on a classic caprese which features a few of my most favorite ingredients (hello heirloom tomatoes!)

  • penne pasta (cooked & cooled)
  • fresh local Mozzarella (diced)
  • local heirloom tomatoes (diced)
  • local fresh basil (chopped)
  • balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper

The heirlooms were gorgeous and ranged in color from vibrant red to sunny yellow!  Jesse also used a Celtic sea saltwhich was right up my alley.

Seafood Stew served with Grayson Grilled Cheese

Now this is when I start getting excited – fresh local seafood and lots of it – yes sir!  We’re talking fresh crab meat, clams in the shell and rockfish from around the Chesapeake Bay region.

All gathered up and served in a stew with onions, carrots, celery, seafood stock, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes. Old Bay and bay leaves.

Plus a “touch” of my favorite type of butter to make this a smooth & creamy consistency.  This was so good!

A grilled cheese made from local Billy bread and some “pungent” Grayson cheese.

I really enjoyed this dish!

Braised Chuck Roast

Jesse had prepped the succulent roast before-hand however went into detail on the makings of this dish.  A local chuck roast that had been roasted for a couple hours become fall apart delicious and the flavor was spot on!

Definitely a great meal idea as the cooler months approach us.

Grilled Nectarines topped w/ Crème Fraiche

To top off the night Jesse prepared some grilled local nectarines and topped with a dollop of crème fraiche… oh yea, this was ridiculous!  The grilled fruit was so sweet & juicy w/ a slightly charred flavor, my oh my yummmmm!

All in all, I’d say a pretty fantabulous night of eats!  Can’t wait for next month already….Smiley


3 responses to “WF Cooking Demo: Gone Local

  1. lowandbhold

    Mmmm, everything looks great. I am loving caprese right now!

  2. Fanatic Mom

    That seafood stew is at the top of the list of recipes I want to make soon!

  3. gahhhhh I need to attend one of these. Both the caprese and the grilled cheese look amazing.

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