Well friends, I’ve been MIA this weekend…

But for good reason unfortunately.  Saturday morning I woke up to the “blue screen of death” on my computer and it will no longer start 😦

So let’s just hope that can get fixed.  ASAP. 

Until then… I will tell you that we’ve been enjoying lots of good eats this weekend!  Here’s a fly-by recap for you, sound good? 😉

More purple potatoes!

Wild caught tuna steaks… cooked in a bit of butter simply with S&P & a splash of soy sauce. 

Who knew what a difference using butter makes vs. olive oil?!  Gives a perfect “crust” and a creamy flavor mmmmm…

Go to fullsize image

More Mexican Hot Flower Soup… which just gets better and better!

Deliciously simple eats has been the theme of the weekend for sure 🙂

And one last thing before I go (Mom needs her computer back haha), one of the farmer’s at the market yesterday had burgandy okra?!?!?!

Who knew there was such thing?

Go to fullsize image

I had already  bought this week’s okra stash by the time I saw it.  But you better believe I’ll be getting it next time around!

Well, time to disconnect for the rest of the weekend I suppose.  As much as I miss my computer and reading all your fabulous bloggie adventures over the weekend, there’s a part of being “unplugged” that feels slightly liberating.  Well…. for a few days at least 😉

Do you ever feel the need to “unplug?”


3 responses to “Crashhhhhh

  1. Unplugging is seriously wonderful. I think we should all do it once a week. Hope the computer gets fixed quick!

  2. Unplugging, yes we did that last weekend…never really was on computer, it was fabulous…enjoy your time away ; )

  3. Oh, no….I hope your computer can be fixed! I am dreading when that day will come for me. 😦 It does feel SO good to unplug, though. I try to do it a couple of times a week!

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