Pastured Chicken & Indian Flavors

At the farmer’s market this past weekend I paid a visit to one of my favorite stands and walked away with a purchase I was more than excited about:

Nature’s Choice Farms pastured chicken breasts

I have tried the half chicken (garlic hoisin roasted chicken anyone?) and the whole chicken (blogger fail, didn’t post but it was superb!) and I couldn’t wait to get cookin’ with these gorgeous chicken breasts.

And no ordinary chicken breasts friends, this farm is passionate about their product and feeds their chickens only the best.

These chickens chow down on fresh grass & bugs along with being hand-fed their daily antibiotic and hormone-free feed while they are moved in a portable pen to different locations each day…. can’t argue with that!

You can read more here 🙂

I also had picked up this Indian Butter Chicken spice mix while at the Indian market with Fanatic Mom a few weeks back… you see where I’m goin with this?!

First give the chicken a chop into 1″ size pieces.  Then brown in about 1.5 tblsp butter.

I’ve never browned chicken in butter before?  But I must say it smelled great!

Next add in the spice mix (which was whisked in with water beforehand) to the chicken and let cook until sauce thickens up, about 10 minutes.

(I removed the chicken to avoid overcooking about halfway through).

The pièce de résistance was the final addition – heavy whipping cream.

Only 3 tblsp necessary, so much flavor for a minor indulgence! 😉

Served over some brown basmati rice with broccoli on the side

This meal was sooooo good!  From the moment the sauce hit the pan I was hearing “that smells so good” from the living room (eh hmmm The Man :P) to devouring this meal in which we were both saying “wow, seriously? so good!”

The flavor was spot-on, and the spice factor started out mild and built up as you got through a few bites.  So fun!

I usually don’t go for packaged mixes, ya’ll know that all too well, but this one I WILL be buying again.  Like tomorrow 🙂

Plus it doesn’t get any easier than this does it?!

Love it!

If you can find this at your Indian market I’d highly recommend giving it a whirl 😀

And if you guys want to read more about pastured poultry I’d highly advise checking out the article on the Natures Choice Farms site.

Really makes you think twice about this “organic chicken” thing doesn’t it?


Workouts I’m loving this week even if I can’t walk down the stairs the day after haha:

Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training Total Body —> the power burns are crucial!


2 responses to “Pastured Chicken & Indian Flavors

  1. Food envy tonight! I’m slowly but surely warming Mike up to curry and Indian foods and this seems like one that would be an easy transition to a new cuisine! Looks amazing lady. 🙂

  2. Fabulous! I try to buy local meats when I can for Josh. Looks like it turned out perfect. Did you see Jackie’s new show last night? She is AWESOME!

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