Tuna Stuffed Poblanos

You may have noticed that I’ve been having a slight love affair with poblanos over the past few weeks, as evidenced here  here and here 😀

Roasting them whenever I can, stuffing them with anything in sight.

Well last night was no different… and poblanos made another star appearance on our dinner table!

But this time they were accompanied not only by some lovely purple potatoes but also by an archnemesis of mine:  duh duh duh duh canned tuna.

Last week the Latino ladies at my favorite farmer’s market vegetable stand tempted me with the thought of a tuna stuffed poblano, complete with onions & tomatoes… 

And considering no globs on mayo were involved, I thought I’d give this a whirl. 

Plus remember when they totally came through with the spicy green bean combo?

Let’s just say I trust their judgment 😉

On top of that, it actually got me to eat canned tuna?!  

You see, I have this “thing” about canned tuna.  Kind of like a “thing” that repulses me every time I see it, smell it, think about it.  Yes, it’s true.  I’m a canned tuna hata…

But that is no more my friends!

I couldn’t believe my plate eyes when I looked down and realized I had eaten this entire dish.  Without a tuna complaint!  It was magical, seriously.

TUNA STUFFED POBLANOS w/ Roasted Garlic Purple Smashed Potatoes

Recipe obtained from this site:  http://poblanorecipes.blogspot.com/

  • 2 poblanos, roasted, skin & seeds removed
  • 1 tomato, chopped
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 5 oz. can white albacore tuna in water
  • 1.5 tblsp olive oil
  • 1 tblsp white vinegar
  • dried oregano
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper

 The first step was to roast the poblanos, which I did using a little olive oil and the help of a hot broiler. 

See instructions here.

While the peppers were doing their magic I mixed up the tuna, tomato, onion, olive oil, white vinegar, dried oregano and salt/pepper.

Once the peppers were peeled/de-seeded and sliced up the middle I stuffed them with the tuna mixture.

Yea, things got a little messy, but that’s okay! 😉

To go with our stuffed poblanos I decided to make some fun purple smashed potatoes. 

  • Small purple potatoes, approximately 15
  • 4 cloves garlic, roasted
  • 2 tblsp  heavy cream
  • ¼ to 1/2 cup almond milk (yep, used vanilla again!)
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper


Simply slice the potatoes in half and boil until tender (maybe 30 minutes?)  While the potatoes are boiling, drizzle a few cloves of garlic with some olive oil and wrap in foil, stash in a 350F oven until roasty toasty and golden brown.

Once the potatoes are ready add in the roasted garlic (it’ll just squeeze right out), cream, almond milk, salt and pepper.  Give the taters a smash with a big fork!

So purty.  I could really see kids loving this dish by the way, how fun?!

So my first time with canned tuna in I don’t know how many years, can you believe it?  *sigh*

This will hit our dinner table again, you can believe that!  The spiciness of the roasted poblanos perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the tomatoes & the flavor of the tuna filling.  I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed this! 😛

And the purple tater smash, oh good heavens, yum!  Creamy, rich and delicious, ’nuff said. 

Purple potatoes have the perfect texture for this easy side dish, no mixer involved to get the silky creamy texture!

I’m always on the lookout for fun new-to-me recipe ideas, and this one sure didn’t disappoint.  You better believe I’ll be requesting another recipe idea this Saturday at the market, and I’m sure it’ll be a winner 😉


11 responses to “Tuna Stuffed Poblanos

  1. The purple potatoes look so pretty!

  2. I am in love with those purple potatoes! I think I’d be a little kid just eating them. Too bad they don’t have the purple ketchup around still. How fun would that be to eat purple ketchup on purple mashed potatoes? I’m a kid at heart, I know. And yes, I eat ketchup on mashed potatoes. Lol. 🙂

  3. Purple potatoes are SO yum! love the smash 😉 I can’t stand the smell of canned tuna either…Josh goes through phases of eating it and I always run out of the kitchen. You made quite a beautiful creation with it though!

  4. lowandbhold

    I’m a canned tuna hata also. I’ve tried but it gags me every time. This sounds good though!

  5. Gosh I really need to try purple potatoes. I see them at the store, just always grab regular sweet potatoes..one day, they sure look great.

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  7. those look very tasty

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  10. I just picked up some poblanos at the market this weekend and now I know just what to do with them!

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