Greek Food Heaven

Happy Saturday everyone! 😀

Wow is it a great morning, sunny & cool out, just like fall should be!

Last night The Man and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Grapevine II, a local Italian & Greek restaurant.

It was divineeeeeee.

Blogger fail, forgot my camera!  Nothing the ol’ trusty phone can’t take care of though 😉

That would be their “sampler platter” – which included housemade hummus, pita, dolmades, spanakopita, a feta/ricotta pastry (forgot the name!), feta, olives and veggies.

This. Was. So. Good.

The Man had a delicious spicy chicken pasta dish that was delicious as well!

We will definitely be going back here again 🙂

After dinner we went and saw The Town with Ben Affleck… anyone else seen it?  Like it?

My girl Serena from Gossip Girl was in it, but let’s just say her role was veryyyyy different than I’m used to!

Well I better get to it, today’s agenda includes:

  • much needed yoga session!
  • hair appointment
  • potential visit to the Richmond Italian Festival 🙂

Have a great one!


One response to “Greek Food Heaven

  1. owww. I’d be all over that sampler. feta/ricotta pastry? um…yum! Enjoy your day. yoga & a hair appointment? Could there be anything more relaxing. I hope you go to the festival too- and take lots of pictures. Enjoy

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