Sahale Snacks

Last week I won these wonderful goodies from the fabulous Amie @TheHealthyApple

Sahale Snacks

And I have to tell you friends that I’m addicted!!!

These far surpassed my expectations (so far my fave is the pomegranate + vanilla cashews!) and every bag but one has been demolished 😉  Even The Man was raving about them!

Plus they’re natural and organic – can’t beat that.

So since I’ve been slacking on the posting front this weekend (technology break sometimes necessary?) I thought I’d share this with you friends so that you can go try some of the delicious snacks for yourself!

Happy Sunday 😀


4 responses to “Sahale Snacks

  1. I’ve seen these but have never tried them. Thanks for the positive review! Always looking for new snackies

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on one of your entries…which is an utter shame because I spend a lot of time drooling over your food pictures. 😀

    But, I saw this entry and HAD to comment…

    I think it’s funny that you posted about these snacks because, although I have not tried them, I do have an interesting story about them – well, about the Valdosta Pecans, in particular.

    I recently (about 4 months ago) moved to Bowling Green, Ohio where I saw Sahale’s Valdosta Pecans in stores for the first time EVER.
    Why is this interesting/funny, you ask?

    Because I moved here from Valdosta, Georgia – the namesake of the product!

  3. I won a couple bags of those from another blog a couple weeks ago. They are awesome! I won the Valdosta pecans and the cashews with pineapple and chinese chili. They are sooo good!

  4. So cool that you won these from Amie – I love her!

    I’ve seen the Sahale snacks in stores but have never tried them. Now I know I need to.

    Can’t wait to see you tonight!

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