Pass the Cannoli!

After quite the busy day at work today I had a lil’ something up my sleeve planned for dinner tonight…

A trek down to my “ol’ stopmin’ grounds” (does anyone else’s Dad use that phrase wayyyy too often haha? 😉 ) for a delicious & fun blogger dinner meetup!

The restaurant:


The company:

Me, Kath, Katharine, Julie, and Brittany !!

IMG_7802 (640x427) (2)

Pic courtesy of Kath!

The restaurant setting was perfect, a casual “grab-your-0wn-menu” and order kind of place, which more often than not usually results in pretty fanatastic fare I’d have to say…

Olio was no exception!

I decided on the sandwich & half salad:  El Conquistador + House Salad

The wrap included locally raised pork, fig jam, hot & red peppers, aged cheddar AND guacamole. 

Ingredients I would have never paired together.  But ingredients that combined into a symphony of pure delight.  This wrap was amazing, I think the fig jam really kicked it up a notch 🙂

The accompanying house salad included the most delicious roasted zucchini & red peppers.

And lucky for us, a lil’ tweetybird got wind of our group of bloggers and treated us to this sweet treat delight!

Let’s just say the plate was cleaned 😀

I also picked up some extra cannolis to take  home to The Man.  Let’s just say that they were devoured within 5 minutes of my arrival home tonight haha. 

He adored them, saying “now this is some good cannoli” the entire time (I think it was the light cinnamon flavor & perfect cream filling?!)

Coming from a seasoned Italian cannoli eater, I’d say that’s a good sign 😉

It was definitely a great night to meet up with some new friends and share our stories 😀  

Shout out to Brit for a great restaurant choice & to Kath for organizing the meetup!

It was also a fabulous meal, Olio is definitely a restaurant that I’ll be visiting again.


6 responses to “Pass the Cannoli!

  1. How fun! Great group of girls and good food. As I was reading the list of ingredients for your wrap I thought the same thing- I would never think to put those together, but I made it worked really well. Hooray for free dessert <3.

  2. Ohh, how much fun! What a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday evening. 🙂 I love odd combinations or combinations that I wouldn’t have originally thought to put together, so I would have been all over that wrap!

  3. I love reading about blogger meetups – so glad you had a wonderful time! What a great group of girlies, too. mmmmm – cannolis (good ones) are DELICIOUS. I had my first in Boston and have been hooked ever since!

  4. What a great blogger meet up! I used to live in Richmond many many years ago – for about 18 months – on Grace Street in the fan district – I loved it!

  5. Looks like a fun dinner! I LOVE cannoli’s. Mmmm!!!! 🙂

  6. Such a fun meetup! We gotta plan another night out soon!! 😉

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