City Girl

I’m backkkkkkk!!!

This weekend was a fabulous one spent just a few states north of VA 🙂

Remember last year’s visit to see my college bestie Kerri (she’s on the left)…?


Well this year another visit was in order… especially considering Kerri  is expecting her first little girl this February!

So you know that a visit to see that cute lil’ baby bump and spend some time together was definitely in order 😀

We missed you Stine and Laura!

Kerri and her hubby live in the cutest lakeside community just outside New York, so this trip we decided to take a day trek into the big city! 

Waking up Saturday morning to some gorgeous views…

How could this not make you happy?!

But the peaceful lakeside sights didn’t last long as we made our way into the hustle & bustle of the city!

First stop:  Times Square

Heyyyy, look who I found!!!  Yep, The Man was along for the ride 😉  He’s NEVER been into NYC, and he’s FROM New York, can you believe that?

So of course we had to do the quick tourist stop, everyone must see Times Square at least once (right?)

After the stop in that busy spot, we headed down to South Street Seaport to relax a bit, definitely one of my favorite parts of the city!

I think The Man really liked it too!

After walking around for a while we had worked up quite the appetite…  so we settled in at Heartland Brewery for some “appies” and drinks (well, not for the momma-to-be obviously!)

Do I spot pumpkin ale on the menu?!?!  Don’t mind if I do! 😛

And a bloody mary for him, woah there grabby!

This pumpkin ale pretty much rocked my socks off, we decided it was by far the best pumpkin ale we’ve tried this season.

Of course we had to indulge in some “snacks” too 😛


Nachos w/ chili on the side plus buffalo chicken spring rolls.


After a great day in the city we headed home to do a little relaxing and also get ourselves ready for an Italian feast! 

Destination:  Fratello Brick Oven Pizza 

This fabulous restaurant was in the cutest town of Warwick, NY and it did not disappoint.

Mommy and Daddy to be!

After all the bagels, pizza (penne a la vodka pizza – really, seriously?! heaven), nachos, buffalo chicken and ice cream in my life over the past 24 hours I was in need of some veggies. 

And after spotting this on the menu…

I knew just what I was ordering!

Wow.  Just wow.

How fabulous does that look, I mean seriously?!

And it tasted even better.  Loved this dish.  With a 12 oz. glass of wine side salad alongside this was the perfect meal.

The Man ordered the homemade deep dish lasagna… 


and it got rave reviews!

Why is Italian food up north just so much better than in Virginia?  *Le sigh*

So after all the fun, we made our way back to Virginia today just in time for me to whip up a “rebound meal” for dinner tonight… but that’ll just have to wait until tomorrow since this post is already mega-long! 😉

Overall, the weekend gets 5 stars (outta 5, of course!) 

A huge thank you to Kerri and her hubby for having us and to the Daddy-to-be for giving The Man one to many pink tequila shots  hahaha

And you thought I was kidding…

Night ya’ll!

Do you usually indulge when you’re in a city that’s known for its fabulous food?  Or do you stick to your normal eating habits?

To each their own of course, but on a short trip like this I made sure to give all the fabulous foods a try, knowing that I would get back on track once I got home.  

And now it feels good to start the week off right with a healthy, veggie-ful “rebound dinner” tonight.  Time to go eat! 😛


6 responses to “City Girl

  1. I love NYC SO much!!! It has been far too long since I’ve been there!

  2. I’ve never been to NYC and have been dying to go! I am hoping to get there next year.

    I say indulge, you only live once. 🙂

  3. Looks like a great weekend! NYC is such a fabulous city…glad you had fun!

  4. Fratello never disappoints. Two new restaurants coming to the Village of Warwick in the next 30 days: Eddie’s Roadhouse (steaks, chops, and complete bar, in an intimate setting) and Taco Hombre, next to each other on Main Street. Look for more info here:

  5. What a great time y’all had. Nachos are such an awesome indulgence 🙂 Love tortillas. And the mushroom tower is beautiful. I try to be about 70/30 on vacation- mostly the usual healthier eats with a good 30% of indulgences. Deliciousness!

  6. This makes me want to go back to NYC so badly! It sounds like such a fun trip! 🙂 I totally agree about Italian food there….it is (IMO) as close to Italy as this girl has ever gotten! 😉

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