Epic Vegan (And Vegetarian) Beer Dinner

And epic it was!

The story continues…

The Man and I chose the vegetarian option (vs. the vegan) – which honestly I was nervous about since The Man isn’t really into “all things vegetarian” or “anything vegetarian” to be honest.

But boy was I surprised!

I think he loved it just as much as I did.  The chef was super super talented and we were in awe of each and every delicious bite.

So here’s how it went down, ranked in order of my favorite dishes of course! 😀

Note:  It was rather dim in the dining area so I did the best I could to capture the dishes on camera.

(1)  Pumpernickel Toasts w/ Brown Sugar Onions, Cabot Cheddar Nutmeg Sauce, Warm Spinach & Golden Raisin Salad.

Paired with Chouffe Trippel IPA

Let’s just talk about this dish for a minute.  Holy wow.  This dish absolutely blew me away.  The parsnip swirl served alongside was too die for.  The spinach salad had the most fantastic vinaigrette.  And the onion toasts?  Wow wow wow.

This dish won “best in show” for both The Man and I.  He also commented that this was the one he was least excited about and couldn’t believe how it turned out.  Food, always surprising you, no?!

(2) Brussels Sprout Spring Rolls w/ Wholegrain Mustard and Sour Cherry Sauce

Paired with Maredsus Brun

These spring rolls were cooked to perfection.  Not too greasy and perfectly crisp.  The tangy mustard and the sour cherry sauce were fabulous, they all worked together so well. 

(3)  Red Chili Rooster Wings w/ Pickled Daikon Radish

Served with Ommegang Abbey Ale

These were made from gluten and let’s just say that The Man cleared his plate… and then the rest of mine.  No joke.  For him not being an avid “meat-look-alike” eater, I would say that this was a good attestation to just how good this dish was 😛

I also hear that the chef is very well known for her meat-look-alike creations and now I completely understand why!

(4)  Truffle Honey Frites w/ Fresh Herbs and Parmigianna Reggiano

Paired with Duvel Strong Golden Ale

These were actually the start to the meal, and they wow’ed us right away.  We really didn’t think that anything was going to top these and you can see how that turned out 😉  That’s how good they were!

They had been fried “a few times” we were told… not an everyday meal item but definitely an amazing treat!  The vegan option had “nooch” crumbles too, which I heard were fantastic from the diners sitting near us.

We also decided that we may never eat Parm w/out honey on top again.  What a great snack idea!

(5) Local Oyster Mushroom Penne w/ Porcini-Truffle Cream

Paired with McChouffe Brown Ale

Even though this dish is last on my list, in no way was it disappointing by any means.  The mushrooms were the perfect compliment to the creamy sauce & tender pasta.  And being made from local ingredients made it that much better too 🙂

And you thought I was done there…

Save room for dessert!!!  Because to top this decadent menu off we had a Leifmans Kreikbeer Milkshake.

Yep, you heard that right.  A beer milkshake!!!  Complete with floating sour cherries (love love love!) throughout.  The Man and I were so full at this point that we really only planned on finishing half of this, yea let’s just say that didn’t happen haha 😉  Empty glasses for all!

This one of a kind cherry beer was killer.  And by far my favorite of the night.  Dare I say better than my beloved pumpkin ale…?

So all in all Cafe Gutenberg did a fabulous job on this meal!  I got to meet some new foodies in Richmond and also enjoy some amazing food.  I’d say that makes for a pretty alright Tuesday night, wouldn’t you? 😉


3 responses to “Epic Vegan (And Vegetarian) Beer Dinner

  1. Again- what a COOL dinner. I’d be all over those Brussels Sprout Spring Rolls – yum (my favorite veg). Glad you both loved the meal

  2. lowandbhold

    I looove events like that, it’s one of my favorite ways to spend a night out. Everything looks delicious!

  3. The menu for this dinner sounds and looks amazing! And, I’m glad the man enjoyed the veggie fare. 😉

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