The Man’s Birthday dinner – Take 1

 Mission:  The Man’s Birthday Dinner (take 1)

Location:  Fanatic Parents’ House

Drinks are always a necessity during times of celebration!

Or Sunday nights.  Whatever 😉

The Menu:

  • Slow cooked pork (antibiotic & hormone free)
  • Homemade white cheddar mac n’ cheese w/ bacon & onion topping
  • House salad w/ white balsamic vinaigrette

This menu was the perfect birthday spread for The Man… pork + cheese please! 

Thanks to Fanatic Mom, the pork was cooked for 6 hours at a low heat until it reached total perfection.

Crispy outside layer surrounding the moist & succulent meat inside.

This Tyler Florence recipe can’t be beat. 

The homemade mac n’cheese was based on another T.Florence show-stopper and featured a sauce made from thyme & garlic infused milk,

butter & flour,


nutmeg (a Fanatic addition, which I think makes mac n’ cheese truly magical :)), salt, pepper and the most fabulous white cheddar cheese.

Don’t forget your pasta too 😀

Gotta get those greens in, no? It’s all about the balance 😉


Then topped with bacon & onions.

If there were a heaven on Earth this could quite possibly be it. 

To round out the pork-heavy meal we had a fresh salad.

Dressed with a white balsamic vinaigrette featuring olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper.

Yum. yum. yum.

I think someone was a happy birthday boy 😀

And if you’re looking for a meal to impress, this pork plus mac n’ cheese combo can’t be beat.

Now it’s time to start off the week!   Whole Foods cooking demo tonight 🙂

Happy Monday!


4 responses to “The Man’s Birthday dinner – Take 1

  1. What a great menu! I’m sure the man was in heaven. I love using white cheddar- I bet it made the mac n cheese amazing. Have fun tonight. I still need to go to one of our WFs demos

  2. Oh Heyyyyy BGE! Your lucky man! Anytime I’m trying to suck up to the fiancé (!! still feels weird to say!!) I make mac and cheese. Bacon always gets bonus points, too. As do drinks on a Sunday!

    I bet you’re totalllyyyyyyy LoViNG your new cam! Pics look great already- your going to be amazed how much you learn in a couple months. I highly recommend Picasa for one click photo editing (contrast, color and brightness all in one).

    • Ahhh it’s so exciting that you’re engaged, I need a post about this one girlie!!! 😉 Thanks for the photo tip – I need all I can get right about now!

  3. The mac and cheese looks amazing. I don’t cook mac n cheese too often, but after seeing your pictures, I might have to soon.

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