Cooking Demo – Turkey Day Style!

Last night was spent eating some Thanksgiving Day treats just a little bit early!

Our local Whole Foods offers a cooking demo each month and Chef Jesse does a great job tailoring each class for the season.

So of course this month’s menu had a holiday theme, and the chef did a great job giving us some delicious ideas for Turkey Day entertaining!

Getting the party started with some vino.  A Riesling to be exact. 

Upon first sip I wasn’t too impressed with this sweet wine, but as I continued to drink more, a tart & fruity flavor began to shine through and really began to enjoy it!

At $8.99 a pop, this is a steal 😀

My favorite dish of the night came up first and although not the most photogenic, it sure was a good one!

Bacon-Wrapped Manchego Stuffed Dates

I love playing with different flavors and textures like this.  Sweet, soft dates plus salty, crispy bacon all wrapped around gooey melted cheese was a serious party for the tastebuds.

This recipe is going to be recreated at home soon!

Next up were some fun lil’ snacks 🙂

Cheese “Straws”

These were not very “straw” shaped however they tasted great. 

You just can’t go wrong with anything made out of a combo of cheese + butter now can you? 😉

There were plain cheese as well as bacon jalapeno cheese flavors.  I enjoyed the plain cheese the most and think it would go great with a glass of light red wine!

The main event of the evening was a recipe that you probably wouldn’t think of for a traditional Thanksgiving Day table, however the curry has such a warm & cozy flavor that I think it might just work.

Thai Red Curry Squash Soup

Flavors of coconut milk, lemongrass, lime and curry melded so nicely with the creamy squash base.  I really enjoyed this one too!

Next up were a few recipes that I unfortunately didn’t get to taste thanks to having to leave a bit early…

But head over to Miss Brittany’s site for her reviews of these dishes (well, sans turkey of course!) if you’d like!

Want a fun way to use puff pastry?  How about layers of fruit chutney and melted cheese?  Sounded good to me 😀

A perfectly brined turkey perhaps?  Brining is the secret to a moist and juicy bird!

Or perhaps some pumpkin pie?  Mmmm definitely one of my favorite desserts!

My apologies for the early bail out, and believe me, I wish I could’ve tasted the last of these scrumptious treats too!

But as I said, I had to leave a little early to get home…

Why you ask?  To pack and get ready for a trip up North today! But more to come on that later… I promise 😀

Hopefully Lucy Dog and The Man will be okay for a few days without me, good thing I’ve stashed away some homemade meals so they don’t get too hungry… 😉



5 responses to “Cooking Demo – Turkey Day Style!

  1. Have a safe trip! The demo looks delicious. I want to try a cheese straw- I’ve never had one!!

  2. I kind of wish I would have stuck to my guns and moved to Virginia last year. We could hang out girl. That is my kind of night 😉

  3. Charlotte Lee

    It was nice meeting you and Brittany last night. I have to agree, those little bacon-wrapped dates were delicious!

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