Birthday Dinner – Take Two!

Last night was The Man’s Birthday Dinner take two!!

This time around we invited his family over to celebrate 😀  

Dinner & drinks followed by a comedy show.  Does anyone remember Bill Bellamy?  He was performing at our comedy club and the show ended up being hilarious!

But back to the birthday dinner 😉  

Obviously some drinks were poured…

This was incredible.  Period.

Some pre-dinner snacks were enjoyed…

Birthday Guy!!! 😀

And then it was time for the meal.

Using this recipe from one of my favorite go-to sites for quick & easy meals, the main dish came together in no time.  

Plus it was a hit with both the birthday guy and the rest of our guests!  

After a busy day/week, this meal was ready to serve in under an hour, which was great for the hostess as well 😉

I think that a hearty soup is so great for cool-weather entertaining, since it’s perfect to let simmer away on the stovetop while appetizers are enjoyed and no one feels rushed to eat right away.

Tortilla Soup

The soup starts off with some fresh chicken.  It calls for boneless chicken breasts, however I decided to use both chicken breasts & thighs – both on the bone.  The flavor is just better with the bone in my opinion.   

Boiled in hot water w/ some salt & pepper until done.  Then shredded using my favorite 2-fork method.

Next up, soup assembly!

Chopped onion, sautéd in a bit of butter until translucent.

Then into the pot goes almost all the rest of the ingredients.

Corn, salsa, milk, cumin, chili powder, chicken stock (I used homemade), salt & pepper.  Hold off on the cream cheese though, that goes in at the end!

Such a hearty main-dish soup and perfect for a chilly Fall night.

Once you are almost ready to serve, stir in the cream cheese until blended through.  Then into the bowl it goes 🙂

As a side dish I made up some corn bread, which ended up being perfect crumbled into the bowl of soup and soaking up all that delicious flavor!

There may or may not have been the addition of a little bacon grease to this pan… I mean, it is a birthday celebration and all 😛

Toppings for the soup could also include sour cream, Greek yogurt, hot sauce and crushed tortilla chips. 

I topped mine with crumbled corn bread & hot sauce, just for that extra kick! 😛

And of course we couldn’t forget the birthday cake!!!

Which was actually a chocolate cheesecake, yum!

Funny faces all around? 😉

Great company, great food, great entertainment – overall just a wonderful night spent celebrating The Man’s birthday with his family!


4 responses to “Birthday Dinner – Take Two!

  1. Great job!!! Gotta love entertaining with soups/stews/chilis- always a hit and easy (most of the time) to get together. The man looks very happy. Of course I remember Bill B. He is hilarious

  2. cookeatburn

    Love the cheesecake birthday cake :). I’ve never been a big cake fan so on my birthdays as a kid I would always get birthday pie!

  3. Happy Birthday to the Man!! I love the photo of him with the Whole Food’s tortilla chips. 😉

  4. He’s one lucky guy I think 🙂

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