Guess who got a big birthday surprise last night?!?! 😀

Yep, this guy!

P.S.  I didn’t bring the new camera last night so sorry for the somewhat blurry pics!  Let’s just say amidst all the party craziness I was lucky to get a few snapshots in either way 😉

The Man’s mom and his brother’s girlfriend and myself arranged a big suprise birthday party for him at F.W. Sullivan’s, a great local bar in our area. 

They set up an amazing food spread complete with lasagna, buffalo chicken dip, crab dip, crostini & pitas, Caesar salad and chips & salsa for everyone to feast on.  The food at this place is top notch ya’ll, let’s just say it was a huge hit!

After a hectic day spent coordinating getting The Man out of the house and then to this bar at a precise time – the party ended up hitting him as a total surprise!

I don’t know how we pulled it off, especially with all the obstacles that came up yesterday either haha.  Let’s just say he started totally messing with our plan and I totally almost blew it 😛

But in the end it all worked out 🙂 

So many people came out to celebrate and I want to thank all of them for making this such a success!!

Plus I got to hang with Mini-Fanatic who was home from school finallyyyyyyyy

Love her.

Birthday Win 😀

And now after the busiest weekend ever, I’m spending Sunday relaxing, grocery shopping and cooking!!  Couldn’t be more excited. Enjoy your day everyone!


3 responses to “Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What an awesome lady you are! The party looks like a HUGE success. Surprising someone is NOT easy!

  2. Yay! I love surprise parties!

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