Sounds like a challenge?!

This weekend went by faster than the snow dusting last night melted in the light of day today!

I spent most of my day today in the kitchen too, which made it flyyyyy by! 🙂

Why can’t evey day be like today?

There were some sweet treats…

A make ahead weeknight dinner….

And of course Sunday night dinner cooking too 😉

One for now, two for later in the week… stay tuned!

Tonight’s meal featured this gift that Fanatic Fam brought back from their Thanksgiving cruise getaway

How fun is that?!?!?

Paired with some shredded chicken thighs & legs this made the perfect chicken barbecue.  This sauce was a BIG hit!

I simply poached some skinless chicken thighs & legs in water then shredded the meat.  Added the sauce + meat to the slow cooker and let cook on high for about an hour and a half until it was time for dinner! 

I was so busy with the other kitchen adventures it was nice to have this part of tonight’s meal dunzo ahead of time.

With our barbecue I cooked up one of my favorite veggie side dishes that I haven’t made in quite some time.

And since I picked up some fresh kale at the farmer’s market yesterday, I knew it was time for this to get back on my dinner plate.

Kale, apples and onions.

Seems weird?  Trust me.  It works.  Splendidly.

Saute half an onion (diced) & apple (sliced thin) in 1 tblsp olive oil until tender, season with salt & pepper.  Add kale and a bit of water, let kale cook down until bright green & tender.

Cut off the hearty tough stems on your kale before cooking if you have time, I skipped this step this time around because after a full day in the kitchen I was just plain lazy 😉

A bit overflowing, but it’ll cook down.

Once it does, drizzle with some balsamic vinegar (while still in the pan) and serve!

I’m not even sure that I like kale on its own… but in this dish it tastes amazing!!!

Perhaps the apples really trick the taste buds with their sweetness?  Or maybe it’s the tangy onion & balsamic combo? 

I bet this dish could turn any kale hater into a kale lovah.  Sounds like a challenge…. 😉

To round out our dinner I served some baked beans… from a can *gasp* !!

Hey, it happens.  And they were Texas Ranchero so the spice paired perfectly with the tangy chicken barbecue.

Love a classic dinner like this to finish out the weekend.

The Man and I both really enjoyed this one.

Can’t say I’ve gotten him to try the kale yet though… *sigh*  Corn on the side instead it is 😛

Well time for me to finish up the last of my cooking tonight and get ready for another week at work!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and see ya tomorrow for a make-ahead treat 🙂


3 responses to “Sounds like a challenge?!

  1. I spent most of today in the kitchen too! Lots of baking & a little cooking. Made pulled pork for the boys! Looks like a fabulous dinner all together.

  2. Kale, apples and onions. Sounds yummy! I cooked a lot over the weekend, too. Sometimes I love being in the kitchen on the weekend.

  3. Oh I think the kale, onion, apple combo sounds awesome. I love kale and I bet I would love the mixture even better! Seriously, I am a serious believer that balsamic vinegar also makes anything taste better! =)

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