Time for a Sweet Treat

I spotted these lil’ treasures on Bakerella’s site just the other day…. 

And it was only a matter of time before it just had to be done 🙂

Here is my version, which I even attempted to lighten up a bit with my favorite Greek yogurt!

P.S. Greek yogurt is a great swap out for oil when baking.  When a recipe calls for shortening or oil, replace half the oil with 3/4 the amount of yogurt!

For the cake: 

  • 1 box red velvet cake mix
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tblsp vegetable oil
  • 3 heaping tblsp plain nonfat Chobani
  • 1.25 cups water

Using an electric mixer, beat on medium speed for about 2 minutes until there are no more visible lumps.

Pour into cake pans (I used two bread loaf pans for some reason) which have been sprayed with cooking spray.

Bake according to directions on box.  Mine went for about 10 minutes longer since they were thicker using these pans.

Allow these to cool for a little while while you whip up your frosting.

For the cream cheese frosting:

In lieu of buying a premade version, I decided to make my own! 

  • 1 package light cream cheese, softened
  • 1/4 cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup confectioners sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Using that same electric mixer just beat over medium to medium high until the ingredients are well incorporated and the icing is fluffy.

I started with the cream cheese, butter and vanilla then gradually added in the sugar.

Now here comes the fun & messy part!  Crumble the cooled cake into a large bowl, then mix in the cream cheese frosting with your (clean) hands 😉

Form these into 1″ round balls and place on a baking sheet.

Into the fridge these go for about an hour to two to get nice n’ chilled.

For the chocolate coating:

  • 1 bag milk chocolate baking chips
  • 1 bag while chocolate baking chips

Melt the chocolate, one type at a time, using a double boiler (like my makeshift getup here?)

Just a pot of close to boiling water with a metal bowl on top.  This will melt the chocolate without burning it.

White chocolate.

 Milk chocolate.


And whatever you do, no matter how “thick” the chocolate appears, do NOT add liquid to the melted chocolate.  It will ruin it.  And then do NOT try to put it in the microwave.  It will burn it.  Just sayin’

And yes, I learned this from first-hand experience.  Hey, I’ve already admitted before that although I am a cook, baking is not my strength in the kitchen 😉

So you will notice that there are no white chocolate covered cake bites pictured below haha.

Kitchen fail.

But I recovered!  Never (okay, almost never) to make the same mistake twice, the milk chocolate event went down without a hitch.

I used toothpicks to pick up the cake bites and dip them into the warm smooth chocolate coating.

Then placed onto wax paper to cool.  I did some with a full chocolate shell and some with a half-dunk.

Both turned out perfectly.  Plus the peep of red cake showing looks so festive, no?! 🙂

This made alot alot alot of sweet treats too.  I dunked half the batch into the chocolate and stashed the other half in the freezer for a round 2 event!

I also brought some into work for everyone to try.  Let’s just say there were no leftovers to take home 😛

No one could believe there was yogurt in there first of all, and secondly everyone loved the way they tasted!

What a festive & delicious recipe for the holiday baking season.  Thanks Bakerella for such a glorious idea!

I highly recommend you try these for yourself at home too 🙂


7 responses to “Time for a Sweet Treat

  1. These are my husbands MOST FAVORITE TREAT!! I made them last year for Christmas and since then he seriously talks about them every few weeks. I can’t make them for another week or two or else we will devour them.

  2. I love cake balls. They really are so good. Although they don’t compare to Oreo truffles for me. Those are my absolute favorite!!!

  3. lowandbhold

    That’s so cool about the yogurt substitute. I never knew that!

  4. I’ve seen a few people make these cake balls and they look awesome. Such a cute holiday treat. And of course- the greek yogurt sub is an awesome one. Is it Friday yet?

  5. I LOVE cake balls! Okay….I’ve only had them once – but obviously they made a huge impression. 😉 My sis made them for her daughter’s b-day party (white cake with white frosting) and, um….well, let’s just say thanks to me there weren’t any extras. I am SO keeping that in mind about the yogurt sub idea…..I love that!

  6. YUMMY!
    I remember seeing this idea on Bakerella…they look great!!

  7. Oh wow!!!! I never thought about making cake into truffles! I must try this recipe!!!

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