The New & The Old

Last night we had the family over for a Sunday night dinner.

I took this as an opportunity to experiment both with some of the “new” and also still stick with some of the “old”…

The “New”

Cherry Swiss Pizzettes 

I was in the mood to experiment on a pre-dinner treat and after a swing through Trader Joe’s this weekend, left with an idea of a sweet + savory play on flavors.

Cherries & Baby Swiss. 

Who’d-a-thought these two could be such good friends? 😀

Pre-made TJ’s pizza dough, our new bff apparently.

Rolled out then cut into rounds using the top of a wine glass.

We like to keep things classy around here 😉 

Onto a baking pan that has rubbed with butter (this is key, DON’T skip this part! it adds a necessary layer of flavor :)) then topped with a small chunk of baby swiss plus a dallop of cherry preserves – a cherry for each!

Into a 350F oven for 10 minutes until the cheese is melted & the dough is cooked.

The first round turned out great, but the cherry preserves got a lil’ sticky. 

Second time around I melted the cheese first for about 7 minutes then topped with the cherry preserves in the last 3 minutes of cooking.

Ya live & ya learn 😛 

Buttery dough.

Savory swiss.

Sweet cherries.

Party is STARTED.  These were a hit all around!

Trust that you’ll be seeing these bad boys again veryyyyy soon 😀

I also set out a mix of dried cranberries, peanuts & chocolate chips. 

Munchies keep the men happy (and quiet 😉 ) while they are watchin’ their Sunday football.. at least in my experience!  Just sayin’.

The “Old”

Polish Cabbage Rolls & Pierogi w/ Green Onion Butter

The main event.

I hadn’t made my Nanny’s piggies, aka pigs-n-a-blanket, aka cabbage rolls in soooo long that I knew it was time.  Same recipe as last go-round (see here) except doubled so we’d have enough for our guests of course 🙂

Polish. Comfort. Food.

Onion, garlic, rice & beef all wrapped in a cabbage bundle then draped in a sweet & tangy tomato/vinegar sauce…

Ahhh I feel like I’m in my Nanny’s kitchen all over again.

To go with our cabbage rolls there were some short-cut pierogi.

I’ve taken my turn at the home-made version (and will be doing so again this holiday!) but tonight I turned to my favorite frozen brand for convenience sake.

First boiled then “fried” in a bit of butter until browned & crispy.

Here comes the heart-healthy section of our broadcast tonight 😉

Yep, that would be green onions + butter.  Served as a sauce atop the pierogi, just like my Nanny did it.

I’m convinced that this combination could potentially heal the world.  It’s so freaking good.  Just sayin’

To sip on there was some mulled apple juice spiked with spiced rum…

Lovin’ this drink this holiday season 😀

And remember the red velvet cake balls from last weekend? 

Well FYI, these freeze beautifully (sans chocolate coating) and were perfect to pull out of the freezer and pop in some melted chocolate for dessert. 

Just as good as the first time around 🙂

Sunday dinner with the fam – always a great time for winding down the weekend and spending some quality time together!

With delicious food like this, who wouldn’t want to get ready for the week ahead this way… 🙂

And speaking of the week ahead, check out what lil’ surprise I woke up to this morning?!

Weather man forecasted a zero percent chance of precipitation or something like that.  Looks like he was definitely right-on with that one?

Totally thought I was still dreaming when I looked outside…

And since I’m petrified of driving in the wintery weather after my accident last year, The Man was kind enough to save the day and drive me to work today!  Yea yea yea, I’m such a Southerner, I know I know… 😛

Happy unexpected snowy day!


4 responses to “The New & The Old

  1. Fabulous meal! Your family must have been so excited! The app looks yummy. Sweet fruit with cheese is SO good. Snow?! Yikes!!

  2. SNOW!!! I sent it your way. 😉 Dinner looks fabulous, like usual. I am definitely swooning over the Cherry Swiss Pizzettes!

  3. Those pizzettes look SO yummy! What a great idea to pair cheese with dough and fruit….mmmmm. Don’t you just LOVE meteorologists and their incorrect forecasts?! I mean, c’mon…..can’t be that hard, right? 😉

  4. Mmmm! Everything looks so good! I’ve always wanted to make cabbage rolls ever since I had a FANTASTIC cabbage roll at an Irish pub. I need to make sure to work that into the menu rotation asap.

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