Only in Virginia…

The snow is coming!!!

3-5″ of snow topped with some sleet is set to begin around 8am tomorrow morning.  Perfect for going into work just to get stuck, ya know?

And only in Virginia do you see school closings before a single snowflake touches the ground too – love living in the South 😉

So how about we warm up with a toasty taco dinner?

This one couldn’t have been easier!

Corn tortillas.  My true love…?

Wait until I get a tortilla press… just you wait 😛

Shredded chicken + enchilada sauce + oregano +black pepper.

Chicken legs to be exact.  Best flavor ever.

Can’t say I love canned enchilada sauce on most occasions (especially after spoiling us with homemade sauces & soups made of delicious dried chiles!) but tonight was about convenience so we took one for the team 🙂

Plus some delicious toppings.

Lettuce.  Tomato.  Onion.  Shredded cheese.

And then you build.

Juicy chicken.  Crisp cool lettuce.  Juicy tomatoes.

I’ll take it 😀

This meal will definitely warm you up!

Pair it with a simple side salad and you’re good to go.

Wish I was in a more tropical-like setting to enjoy these South-of-the-Border treats though!

But alas, I am not.

So for now, time to go figure out the plan for tomorrow and find that darn shovel we stashed away many months ago…

Do you enjoy winter weather?!


10 responses to “Only in Virginia…

  1. lowandbhold

    I do NOT enjoy winter weather :/ One snowstorm a year I can handle, but more than that and I get grumpy.

  2. I hate hate hate cold and snow! Its been way more chilly than normal in SC. But luckily tomorrow/Friday its supposed to heat back up a bit (phew). Stay safe in the snow. Your dinner is making me excited for the tacos I have planned next week!

  3. I love winter weather! Here in GA, schools do the same thing. They close or delay openings, even though there is no snow to speak of. I went to school in Rochester, New York so snow is not a big deal at all.

  4. I enjoy winter weather the first day it arrives and for Christmas Day…and that’s about it! After that point, I would be totally okay with 60’s and sunny for the rest of the season! In the meantime…I’m off to go dig myself out of the driveway for the 3rd time in the past 7 days! Wish me luck! 😉

    • Oh my goodness, sounds like you’ve already had your fair share of snow, good luck!!! I’m totally with ya on the milder weather, wouldn’t that be nice once the “fun” of the snow wears off 🙂

  5. yum 🙂 corn tortillas are our favorites, too. I actually have a tortilla press from Honduras, but I haven’t used it yet!

    we already have 3-4 inches! And it’s coming down hard here. I’m hoping it stays snow until Nick gets home – we might get some sleet and ice, too. That’s no fun.

    • I am so envious of that authentic tortilla press girl, I can’t wait to see when you use it!

      My sister called this morning from VTech and they didn’t cancel her 8am exam and she was terrified driving to it… she said her car was sliding everywhere 😦 So scary! Now if only I could get on the road home soon as well, it’s really started to accumulate here now too.

      Stay warm & safe girl!

  6. Here’s the weird thing about me….I actually LOVE winterish weather in December – it’s not quite the holidays without it! Now… about January 15th? I’m over it. 🙂 But the snow is SO beautiful!!!! And I love when your cheeks get all pink from the cold….

  7. Normally I hate it. But today, with my daughter’s school & daycare both being closed & a 45 minute one way commute to Richmond, I chose to work from home. I was proactive & brought work home to do today just in case. Good thing. I’ve gotten everything done & because I didn’t have the drive in/home & I “worked through lunch”, I can sign off now! Love it!! And, loved that I got to spend a snow day with my daughter…even though I pretty much banned her from the office while I worked. 🙂

    Love the taco dinner – it is my fav, although we usually do old fashioned ground beef. Am planning on doing chicken soon though!! I’m actually considering buying those taco bowl things where you can make taco salad shells. Have you seen/used them before? Are they worth it?

    Be safe today!

  8. Here is a link to a taco bowl thingy-ma-bob. 🙂

    That stinks about your work making you take a PTO day if you work from home. Thankfully, no one said anything to me…& I probably was more productive than they were because they had a 2 hour Christmas party (in which I worked during) & an hour & half training meeting (in which I worked during) as well.

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