I’ll Let You Take a Guess!

What a weekend so far!

From delicious home cooked meals…

Local pasture raised chicken, no hormones, no antibiotics.  Roasted to perfection (lemon, onion, thyme, butter, salt & pepper). 

Served w/ mac n’ cheese & broccoli.  Which yes, I dip in ketchup 😛

To a Richmond tradition of the tacky Christmas lights tour…

This has been a great one 🙂

And there’s still more to come – today the Fanatic ladies (lil’ is finally home from college!) are spending the afternoon in the kitchen…

Here’s a hint 😉

There’s also been some changes around here —> notice anything different?

Besides the fact that I can’t stop talking even long enough to take a picture LOL.

Hint:  Any differences between the picture above and this one

I’ll let you take a guess… 😀


8 responses to “I’ll Let You Take a Guess!

  1. I’m glad you love ketchup as much as I do! Have fun with the ladies and can’t wait for the news?!

  2. Your hair is darker?

    • you got it!!!! i’ve been gradually going darker during the past few months and it’s starting to become noticeable finally, I’m loving it for winter 🙂

  3. I love your hair!! I am getting mine done next week and cannot wait to try something new. Still trying to determine what, but I need a new look.

  4. Love your hair! It’s always beautiful though 🙂

  5. I noticed it right away, because I just got lowlights! I try to get them a couple of times in the winter fall….I love it because it’s something different, and that way I’m not just touchin’ up my roots all year long. 😉 Yours looks GORGEOUS, but then, it always does!

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