Pour Yourself a Glass of Wine…

 Why don’t you pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready for some delectable eats, because I’ve got quite a few for ya’ll tonight!! 🙂

Let’s work our way backwards, shall we?

Meatball Subs

It’s what’s for dinner.

This Rachel Ray recipe caught my eye right away and it just had to be done.

I ended up using a bit less garlic & parsley than RR called for though, and only made the meatball part of the equation.

Sometimes premade sauce is just the way it’s gotta be… especially during the busy holiday season!

Ever used a mandolin?  Makes fine dicing a breeze.  This pile o’ onions was done in less than 2.5 seconds.  Or something like that 🙂

In go all the ingredients and then it was time to get messy.

I’ll spare you those pictures 😉

After 12 minutes in a 450F oven they were ready to go.

What is it about the smell of garlic and onions roasting in the oven that just makes life complete?

Or maybe that’s just me…

This particular premade sauce actually turned out to have some great flavor. 

Kroger Private Selection Marinara Napolitana.  I’ll buy you again in a pinch!

Doughy soft wheat roll…

Transformed into nothing short of glorious with a few quick spoonfuls.

And a sprinklin’ of cheese, obviously 😀

We had side salads to go with, but those weren’t nearly as pretty 😉

Mmmm mmmm, this one was a winner!

And now for the sweeter part of tonight’s presentation…

Cookie Extravaganza Round #2!

I headed over to The Man’s parent’s house for a baking fiesta this afternoon… and forgot my camera.

I mean really, who does that?

Grrrrr 😦

But luckily the trusty IPhone managed to capture some great shots so you could get a “taste” of the action!

This Sandra Lee “recipe” for Rolo topped pecan pretzels was such a winner… so delicious and so easy!

White chocolate coated pretzels (Flipz!) topped with a Rolo, into the oven for a few minutes to melt.

Topped with a perfectly placed pecan…

And swirls of candy coating!

There was also some of this:

Cake batter chocolate bark, from who else than the freaking ridiculously talented Jessica.

I mean, does she ever stop coming up with outta control delicious treats? 

I hope the answer to that stays “no” forever… just sayin’ 😛

I won’t take credit for being a part of this one either (other than the tasting of course!) but wish I could because these mint chocolate brownies were so so so good.

Just think:  sweet chocolate brownies topped with cool, creamy mint chocolate fudge.

Yea.  Ridiculous.

Productive day?  I’d say so 😉

Now I must rest up for tomorrow aka sip on more of this delicious vino, Christmas Eve dinner is a pretty big deal in our house and there’s alot to get done!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve <—- does anyone else say that too haha?



One response to “Pour Yourself a Glass of Wine…

  1. What you couldn’t snag the recipe for those mint brownies? Looks like loads of fun and yummy Christmas treats. So jealous, I started feeling bad last night, been traveling, on 20+ planes in the last 2 months and stayed well the whole time till my day off.

    Chocolate Cake for tonight’s dessert, fudge and pralines on my agenda. Not to mention the grocery store so said things can get made, the mall, the Chiropractor, etc.

    Merry Christmas Stephanie, sure have enjoyed getting to know you this past year.

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