Tears of Joy

Are we all recovering from the Christmas aftermath today?!?! 😛

We’ve gotten quite the bit of snow here in central Virginia but that didn’t stop us from having a most fabulous Christmas, that’s for sure!


Just like last year, Christmas Eve was spent at our house with the Fanatic Fam (here’s a recap in case ya missed it!) and Christmas Day our family plus a few others spent the day at The Man’s parents’ house having a Christmas par-tayyyyy!

Before the party started though there were still a few presents that needed opening… that’s where the “tears of joy” comes into play.

The Man got the entire first year of the CookinFanatic blog bound and made into a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I seriously started crying right when I opened it.  Well actually, first I was like, “Ummm did you get me an encyclopedia?” then the crying ensued, lots of it. 

The inscription on the first page was enough to send me just over the edge.  Good thing I didn’t have too much eye makeup on 😉

Seriously the most amazing and thoughtful gift ever.  I still can’t believe it!

Now I know why he kept disappearing to his parents’ house over the past few weeks – his Mom helped a great deal in pulling all this together 😀

After cryfest 2010 it was time for the rest of the guests to arrive, each bringing their own contribution to the dinner menu!  There were also a serious amount of appetizers to indulge in as well.  This was definitely food heaven.

Drinks anyone?

My contributions this year were:

Jessica’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip w/ Animal Crackers

A serious crowd pleaser.

This time around I used mini chocolate chips… loved the way they added the perfect chocolate touch!

Kacy’s Mascarpone Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, mascarpone and some other key ingredients.

These were pretty ridiculously good!

I love trying new blog inspired recipes out for events like this, it’s such a fun way to introduce people to new foods they (and I) may otherwise have never discovered 😀

There were also plenty of other dishes to choose from including the infamous pineapple stuffing


Fanatic Mom’s creamy potato & cornflake casserole

Mac n’ cheese

Creamy green bean casserole

And a ham.

I’m getting full again just writing about it!!! 😉

Everything was delicious and we had the best time celebrating with family and friends! 

Too bad we had to leave a bit early thanks to the “snow storm-that wasn’t supposed to be a snow storm-that turned into a bigger snow storm than they thought” 😛  Oh welllllll

Did you try any recipes that you learned in blog world for the holiday season?  If so, which ones?


7 responses to “Tears of Joy

  1. Stephanie what an awesome gift.
    I did try a blog world dish on Christmas Eve, decided to go with a Chocolate Cake for the dessert I was asked to bring since it is my husband’s favorite and I rarely make it. I decided on Pioneer Woman’s Best Ever Chocolate Sheet Cake but I did change it up slightly by using Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder instead of regular and less Powdered Sugar in the frosting. I prefer dark chocolate, less sweet. I choose this out of ease of preparation as I wasn’t feeling all that great Christmas Eve, it was really good, only need a very small piece to satisfy. If all the people at the dinner hadn’t had so MUCH wine they may have enjoyed it even more.

  2. Fanatic Mom

    I saw those tears, felt the emotions in that room, and had tears of my own. It was an amazing present! And, after that, we got to have a wonderful dinner with people who have become family.

  3. what an awesome gift 🙂

    sounds like you guys had a great holiday weekend!

  4. Oh my WORD! What a MAN!!! I love the look on your face. 🙂 He is so incredibly sweet to do that – my sisters have made books from their blogs and it is work! Plus, you look super cute in those pics, too!

  5. Aw 🙂 What a GREAT gift! So very thoughtful. All the food looks good. That cookie dip…amazing. And I want those sweet tatoes. Hope your week is off to a good start

  6. lowandbhold

    Sweetest. Gift. EVER!

  7. lowandbhold

    And so glad you tried the sweet potatoes!

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