A Packaged Deal

Well everyone, the new year is upon us!

Did you check out our New Year’s Eve night out and starting the year off with homemade vegetarian tamales?!  😀

And as a CPA working in financial reporting I must tell you that this month, especially the beginning of this month, is one that is pretty ridiculously busy.

So busy in fact, that after a late night at work tonight, dinner called for a packaged deal.

I know I know, so un-CookinFanatic-like of me 😉

But every once in a while a quick meal is just necessary, especially if one (eh hmm moi) wants to keep up a semblance of a workout routine during said busy times!

We don’t eat cream sauce very often in our house (although I’m sure The Man would have it otherwise) so this was a fun change-up.

In fact, the last creamy pasta I made was this delicious Butternut Squash & Chicken Sausage Parmesan Pasta <— which actually didn’t even have any cream at all, but sure was decadant!

This Buitoni alfredo sauce was pretty darn good for a fast Monday meal.  And the ingredients aren’t too shabby either 😀

I bulked mine up with some steamed broccoli atop a bed of thin spaghetti (plus black pepper for good measure). 

The Man was having none of that veggie nonsense.  He ate his straight up, and added more Parmesan cheese.  What’s new.

A Caesar salad was just what this meal needed to make it complete, yum!

Made by The Man while I finished my workout, even more yum 😉

Ahhh this dinner was just what the Monday doctor ordered.  I’d definitely recommend the Buitoni alfredo sauce in a pinch (especially if you happen to have a $1.00 off coupon, just sayin’…)

Hoping that tomorrow isn’t quite as crazy as today and looking forward to a fun new recipe coming to a table near you.

Hint:  It includes the use of something fun that hasn’t been in our kitchen in quite some time, sofrito!!!!

Just crossing my fingers I can get home in time to see it all come together 😛

Such. A. Foodie.


8 responses to “A Packaged Deal

  1. Ugh! I hope your week isn’t too too busy/crazy. I am all for an easy meal every now and again (or couple times a week, depending upon the craziness of the week). I haven’t tried this sauce, but I kind of want to now. Josh loves alfredo and I’m not sure I’ve ever had it. Hang in there!

  2. lowandbhold

    I love Buitoni products. Looks like a great quick meal!

  3. I definitely feel you on the easy meals. Hey, I’d be waaaaay too cranky if I made a “from scratch” meal every single night, ya know? 😉 That pasta looks delish! I hope your week eases up a bit….don’t people realize we have to ease back into the whole “work after the holidays” routine?!

  4. Is it weird that I had the exact same dinner last night? We are on the same wave-length! Miss you Stephanie… we need to hang out soon.

  5. I even used thin spaghetti… because it was the only pasta I had in the cabinet besides lasagna.

  6. Broccoli and Alfredo sauce, yes [please!

  7. You sound just like me on a busy Monday! Found your blog a few weeks ago with that yummy looking chicken enchilada Chobani cassarole and I can’t wait to make it next week. Looks like your giving my new blog about training and eating healthy a run for it’s money! 😉 I can’t wait to keep reading. Keep up the great ideas please!

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