A Real Shocker!

I can’t even begin to tell you friends how happy I am that today is Wednesday!

Work was crazyyyyy busy yet again and after 9+ hours and a trip to the car dealership to get some work done I came home thoroughly exhausted.

But… luckily I had a fast n’ easy dinner plan of attack in mind 🙂

A dinner that’s definitely out of my normal taste ‘comfort zone’ too – but I must tell you that this one turned out to be a real shocker!

The Man declared it the “best mac n’ cheese he’s ever had” —-> more than once.

Fast n’ Easy Cheesy Tuna Mac

Now, I must tell you that up until just a few months ago I stayed away from canned tuna like it was the plague.  Why?

I attribute it to this tuna fish bagel I once had that gave me the worst headache ever.  Logical, right?

Yea no.  Anyways, over the summer my favorite ladies at the market gave me a recipe idea for a tuna stuffed roasted poblano… it was just too good to pass up.

I think that’s where my relationship with tuna took a turn for the better. 

And I’m sure glad it did!

Start to finish, this meal takes 30 minutes, 20 of them consist of easy baking time.  And includes six ingredients, well four really, but milk + butter make it six.  Can you dig it? 😉

  • 1 box white cheddar mac n’ cheese shells
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 can tuna, drained
  • 1/2 block cheddar, shredded
  • 2 tblsp butter – divided
  • 1/4 cup milk

First up, while the water is boiling for the pasta, saute your chopped onion in 1 tblsp butter.  Add some black pepper if you so desire.

I definitely so desire 🙂

Meanwhile, cook the pasta according to directions until done.  Then mix in the cheese packet and the rest of the butter + milk. 

I always use more milk and less butter than they call for, I like the way it turns out better.  But do it however you like!

Once the mac n’ cheese is ready, stir in the onions and the tuna.  Then pop it into a baking dish.

And grate some cheese.  If you get your boyfriend to grate said cheese you may just end up with cheese mountain. 

It’s okay.  The more the merrier 😛

Into a 375F oven for 10 minutes, then up to 400F for another 10 minutes to really brown that cheese and give it a nice “crust” and voila!

Bubbly and delicious.

Served with some steamed broccoli on the side.

I was in shock when The Man immediately declared this the best mac n’ cheese ever.  And “he meant it!”

I must say that it ranked pretty darn high up there for me too… another big shocker considering tuna isn’t my #1.

Or maybe now it is?!  Ahhh I feel so confused 😉

But seriously, something about the buttery onions with the layer of buttery cheese combined with a soft noodle and tasty tuna just really worked.

Which is awesome, considering this recipe couldn’t have been easier.

The Man has already basically said he would fight me for the leftovers haha, good thing there’s enough for two 😛

P.S. I’m so happy that ya’ll liked the rice n’ beans recipe from last night.  Seriously so good.  I will have to tell you that I found out that Goya Sofrito does have MSG in it, which I didn’t know, but definitely think that before you try it should know those facts. 

We normally stay away from chemicals in our food, but we can’t be perfect!  It tasted delicious, and it’s not an everyday treat, so I’m okay with it.

But perhaps this will lead me on a mission to make my own sofrito from scratch… you just never know 😉


13 responses to “A Real Shocker!

  1. This mac & cheese looks AMAZING! Yes, my favorite mac & cheese is from Noodles & Co. (as bad as it is, I’m sure many would agree it’s out of this world), and your final dish looks almost identical. Swoooon.

  2. ugh! What a long day! I hope you get some rest tonight. Glad the quick and easy meal turned out to be a winner!! I don’t like the idea of eating anything with HFCS or MSG…but I do make exceptions. HFCS- sweet baby rays bbq sauce 😉 MSG- cavender’s seasoning

  3. I’ve just added a can of tuna to mac and cheese before – I think that is great – I bet your dish was even better!

    Especially with the addition of the onion – I love onion!

  4. Oooooo giRL!! Ever since I was little, my ultimate comfort meal is Mac&cheese with a can of tuna. Sometimes I throw in peas, but lately I’ve been obsessed with roasting broccoli, onions and mushrooms and stirring that in with the tuna Mac. Obsessed as in….we eat this every sunday night. And then I eat leftovers for lunch Monday and tuesday. Ha!!!

  5. Next time, mix in some smoked salmon. Smoked salmon Mac & Cheese is a real treat in our house and sooo good! It’s nearly the same recipe only with that smokey layer of flavor it’s just perfect! 🙂 Give it a shot. I’m not a big salmon person but smoked salmon is a whole other story.

  6. I wish I liked canned tuna. It would be such a great thing to up my protein and use in quick dishes. But I just can’t get over the smell.

    • I was totally the same way until a few months ago girl! Canned tuna used to repulse me… but once I gave it a chance and combined it with the right ingredients (i.e. not mayo and celery, ugh do not like that haha!) it really has proven itself to be pretty darn tasty! 🙂 I totally need to try that egg pizza of yours… I’m still thinking about it since yesterday!!!

  7. I’m not usually a huge fan of canned tuna either but paired with pasta and cheese, it might be different! This sounds fantastic! And what a super easy meal to make for those super busy days we all have!

  8. Man, I hope today and tomorrow are shorter days for you! At least it’s wintertime and you’re not missing valuable daylight hours, right??? I do miss the daylight in the winter time, though…..

    I hate it when I find out (after I fall in loooove with something) that a products has HCFS/MSG/Artificial sweeteners. But you’re right – no one is perfect (I mean I would go nuts) and sometimes, it’s totally worth it. 🙂

  9. I am a sucker for some Mac & Cheese!!

  10. Don’t you just love those long days at work only to have something else to do afterward. Dinner looks delicious and we all need a little chemical every once in awhile it makes us Americans haha.

  11. I may be making this tonight for my daughter & I! I’m glad I went to catch up on your blog before I started dinner!! I don’t have white cheddar mac & cheese, so mine will be slightly different, but I am hoping that it will be something my 5 year old won’t turn her nose up at! 🙂

  12. I tried your recipe tonight (somewhat) & loved it! My daughter liked it, but did not like the smell of tuna, haha. I am definitely trying it with white cheddar mac next time, but with what I had one hand, it was really good too!

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