Reheat Repeat

Another extremely busy day is O-V-E-R! 😀

Gosh I can’t wait until the weekend as long as it doesn’t involve me working.

At least I got 2 fantastic 20 minute yoga sessions (, you save me) in after work today.

And thanks to this fabulous cooking adventure just a couple weeks back + the freezer… dinner tonight was not only easier than getting me addicted to watching this junk… but also homemade and delicious!

These meatballs froze beautifully.  All they took was a quick reheat on the stovetop and dinner was served!


The Man “cooked” dinner tonight too… he was so proud 😛

Yummmm-ooohhhhh (had to do it)!

Well I’ve gotta run, need some time to prepare for a very important “meeting” in the morning before I smoosh my brain with this educational television 😉



3 responses to “Reheat Repeat

  1. Another crazy day?? I’m hoping you gets tons of relax time this weekend. Hahha…Josh is really good at reheating too 😉

  2. I hope you get some relaxation in this weekend girl!!

  3. I need to catch up on my “educational TV”, too. 😉 The man did a great job with dinner!

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