Tortilla Pressin’

It’s time:

Remember this lil’ Christmas gift? 

Love at first sight…

Maseca masa harina – since Rick Bayless “told” me it was his preferred 😉

Compared to the masa harina I used during this tamale making adventure, which was still  awesome, the flavor on this was definitely stepped up a notch.

Corn plus lime, I mean what’s not to like? 😀

The dough is simple.  Masa harina + salt + water.

Divided and rolled into small balls – then smooshed!

Seriously perfect.

Hot skillet, a minute each side.

And you’re left with a beautiful stack of delicious & fresh tortillas… and if you’re me, you’re one happy girl!

So what next?  Well you’ll be seeing these bad boys during the upcoming week –  I’ve got a great dinner planned using them 🙂

In other news, last night lil’ sis and I proceeded to make enough pasta fagioli to serve 25.  Ooops, who knew doubling the recipe would get quite so outta control haha.

Pasta fagioli for the whole neighborhood?

We decided to have the Fanatic Fam over to enjoy the fruits of our labor, because you know, obviously there just wasn’t enough to go around.

The girls spent time being silly and gabbing in the kitchen (love my new scarf, thanks Fanatic Fam!)


Silly girls 😛

While the men watched football in the den. 

We drank some wine, ate some food and overall just had a blast! 

Now if only I can get over being distraught that my lil’ sis is leaving me for a few more months… I miss her already 😦

Does pasta fagioli cure the “miss your sister” blues?

Probably not, but why stop now haha.

Lunch:  Pasta fagioli plus this beautiful perfect 10 salad 😀

It was seriously so good.

None for Lucy dog though, she had to settle for a ?paper towel roll?

What dog loves a paper towel roll?  I mean seriously.

The fun never ends around here 😉

Hope you’re enjoying your football Sunday!

GO PACKERS!!!!!!! 😛


5 responses to “Tortilla Pressin’

  1. I’m having a bit of the blues as well! I just posted about it actually, and about a food cure, too funny. 🙂

    Petrie loves paper towel roles and empty milk cartons. She was having a blast chasing one around the apartment just a few minutes ago. Enjoy your evening!

  2. thank you for the recommendations! Your salad looks delicious and i’m a huge fan of football Sunday because it always includes good food, friends, and a glass of wine or two 🙂

  3. hooray for the tortilla press! I’ll have to get mine out of the box soon, too.

  4. My CAT loves paper towels rolls…my dog just eats them lol I posted that recipe for the Chorizo & Soft Boiled Egg Salad so you will have to check it out and give it a try! It’s a great quick dinner!

  5. lowandbhold

    Fun! When I used to work at a Mexican restaurant I was all about the tortilla pressin’. 🙂

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