The Reality

This morning I started on THIS post based on how I was feeling:

Finally. Better.

Phew, what a weekend of “fun” that wasn’t!!!

Seems like alot of people were sick this past weekend… glad I wasn’t left out haha 😉

I’m hoping/thinking that normal life will resume soon.  And normal food.  And normal activity.  And normal sleep. 

Did I mention that I’ve been up since 3:30am?  Guess that’s what happens when you go to bed at 6.

THIS is the reality of tonight, what happened??

Fever is back.  Nausea is back.  And I ate a piece of bread with cream cheese for dinner (?why body why?)

Not pretty.  Not pretty at all 😦

Would love to know when things are going to be normal around here again… this is getting pretty old pretty fast.

Plus The Man is getting too good at making himself dinner.  Me no likey 😉

Plans for dinner this week include some new recipes, hoping I’ll be able to enjoy them 😛

  • Brunswick Stew (ever heard of it?)
  • Crockpot Chili (with a lil’ twist!)

Now let’s just hope that tonight was the last of the cream cheese topped bread.  Fingers crossed.

P.S.  Thanks so much for all the get-well wishes ya’ll, definitely hoping that I can return to my CookinFanatic self soon. Very soon!

Until then – how about a few of my most favorite recent recipes!

Baked Pasta w/ Cheddar & Leeks

Feta & Olive Stuffed Chicken baked in Tomato Garlic Sauce

Green Chile Tortilla Pie

Enjoy 😀


12 responses to “The Reality

  1. Ugh, so sorry you’re still feeling bad. I hope it goes away SOON!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Sending good vibes your way! 🙂

  3. oh goodness! Hoping you are feeling better real soon! I bet the man misses your cooking!

  4. Hope this week gets better for you! It’s no fun having a three day weekend when you are sick the whole time 😦

  5. I hope you feel better!!

  6. Brunswick Stew?! I’m so excited I HAVE heard of it through my BF and he loved but I can never find a recipe so I can’t wait for that one! Feel better!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re feeling badly again! Get well soon lady.

    Can’t wait to see your stew recipe. Isaac loves the Brunswick Stew from the yellow can (do you know what I’m talking about?), but I’m sure a homemade version would be much better. 🙂

  8. Aw you poor thing! Feel better soon! Brunswick stew just might do the trick =) I love that stuff!

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