Can You Really Go Wrong?


Ahh it was glorious to wake up this morning without a fever à la last Saturday 😛

Plus I’m really looking forward to today since I’m going shopping and to lunch with Fanatic Mom! 

Girls day.  Gotta love it.

But let’s back track for a minute to last night shall we?

Dinner was a pretty phenomenal throw together meal I must say.

Have you ever seen the fresh, homemade sausages at Whole Foods?

How about the Buffalo chicken sausages stuffed w/ bleu cheese?

If you are like The Man and will devour anything referred to as “Buffalo ____” then I highly suggest you go buy these.  Now.

They were so good!!!!!  The bleu cheese flavor really shined through and since they were made from chicken, they weren’t greasy in the least.

Now what goes better with Buffalo chicken sausages than homemade pierogi?!

That lil’ Christmas-time pierogi making adventure left me with a freezer full of these leftover treats.

Time to start working on depleting that stash!

A lil’ butter for the pierogi.

A lil’ butter for the chopped onion.

3 tablespoons of butter later… 😉

But I mean seriously, can you really go wrong here? 

Cheesy potatoes, golden dough, buttery onions… *sigh*

Served up with some steamed broccoli on the side, this was a fabulous Friday night meal.

Times 2. 


And I may or may not have been witness to a certain someone dipping the Buffalo sausages into the buttery onion bowl.  Really?

Oh men 😉

After dinner The Man and I watched the movie The Fourth Kind, which is based on actual events about alien abduction in a small town in Alaska.

Go to fullsize image

The movie contained actual video footage which made it super creepy!  Let’s just say I was definitely spooked by this one, but would recommend checking it out if you’re looking for something different.

Alright, I’m off! 

A quick yoga session is in my future before I meet up with mom 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday!


8 responses to “Can You Really Go Wrong?

  1. Yum! Your dinner looked fantastic. Homemade pierogis… I’m going to have to try making these.

  2. I went shopping with my Mama last Saturday! Such great girl time. Your homemade pierogies looks amazing. I want some! Have fun today!

  3. Wow, my fiance would flip over buffalo chicken sausage!! Might have to hit WF tomorrow 🙂

  4. Buffalo chicken sausage with bleu cheese? Wow!

  5. Everytime I see a pic of your pierogies my mouth waters!

    I can’t believe you watched that movie….you are SO brave! I saw that trailer and it alone scared the *&%^ out of me. 🙂

    Have fun with your mama!

  6. i loove sausages! this looks so yum! 🙂

  7. Fanatic Mom

    So funny you bought those sausages… I saw them during the value tour yesterday and almost bought them myself!

  8. That movie would give me nightmares!

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