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Gettin’ ready for the weekend!!

Hey friends!  Well thought I’d check in with ya’ll real quick before the weekend craziness ensues 😀

After work I came home and enjoyed one of my favorite types of workouts, which includes choosing 2 or 3 shorter sessions on ExerciseTV & doing them back to back.  So crucial.

Today’s workout “menu” included:

Oh yea, and check out this fabulous spread I pulled together for lunch today (love the new office, I can swing home for lunch & to see Lucy Dog on slower days!)

That would be one of the best “grilled” cheeses I have ever had thanks to the help of this lil’ gem

Plus some fresh basil, oh em gee don’t know how this sammie tasted so good but it surpassed my expectations like whoa!

Also had some Food Should Taste Good Olive chips w/ salsa and sweet peppers to go alongside 🙂

Perfect lunch, and guess what, it may just be the perfect dinner 😉

Right now I’ve got the ancho chile chicken cooking away in preperation for tomorrow and once Laura gets here we are making Mexican brownies from scratch! 

Remember the homemade ancho chile & tomatillo sauce I made last weekend?  Well I saved some of it in the freezer & put it to good use second time around, ole!

However the end result may be even more flavorful since I am using boneless, skinless chicken thighs this time around and they impart such a great richness to Mexican dishes (at least that’s my personal opinion….)

Alright, cocktail hour party prep is calling my name!  I hope to see you friends tomorrow but if not, do forgive me, as it’s gonna be a busy day… and know that I’ll be back as soon as I can with Cinco de Mayo food & party recaps 😛