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A Packaged Deal

Well everyone, the new year is upon us!

Did you check out our New Year’s Eve night out and starting the year off with homemade vegetarian tamales?!  😀

And as a CPA working in financial reporting I must tell you that this month, especially the beginning of this month, is one that is pretty ridiculously busy.

So busy in fact, that after a late night at work tonight, dinner called for a packaged deal.

I know I know, so un-CookinFanatic-like of me 😉

But every once in a while a quick meal is just necessary, especially if one (eh hmm moi) wants to keep up a semblance of a workout routine during said busy times!

We don’t eat cream sauce very often in our house (although I’m sure The Man would have it otherwise) so this was a fun change-up.

In fact, the last creamy pasta I made was this delicious Butternut Squash & Chicken Sausage Parmesan Pasta <— which actually didn’t even have any cream at all, but sure was decadant!

This Buitoni alfredo sauce was pretty darn good for a fast Monday meal.  And the ingredients aren’t too shabby either 😀

I bulked mine up with some steamed broccoli atop a bed of thin spaghetti (plus black pepper for good measure). 

The Man was having none of that veggie nonsense.  He ate his straight up, and added more Parmesan cheese.  What’s new.

A Caesar salad was just what this meal needed to make it complete, yum!

Made by The Man while I finished my workout, even more yum 😉

Ahhh this dinner was just what the Monday doctor ordered.  I’d definitely recommend the Buitoni alfredo sauce in a pinch (especially if you happen to have a $1.00 off coupon, just sayin’…)

Hoping that tomorrow isn’t quite as crazy as today and looking forward to a fun new recipe coming to a table near you.

Hint:  It includes the use of something fun that hasn’t been in our kitchen in quite some time, sofrito!!!!

Just crossing my fingers I can get home in time to see it all come together 😛

Such. A. Foodie.


I thought I graduated college?

Good morning friends!  Another Monday is upon us, however we are creepin’ towards the holidays here so I know that there is some vacation in sight so that is really keepin’ me going 🙂  (not that I’m counting down or anything???)

My Monday started with taking a test first thing in training, 1 hour of statistics specifically (I thought I graduated college? 😉 ) Oh well, such is life, good thing I “kinda studied” last night….

So yes, as you may have concluded, I’m back at the last week of Six  Sigma training and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I can’t wait for this to be O-V-E-R!!!  I am just a lil’ burnt out with the 2 job duties (along with everything else going on right now) but I know that I can make it through to the end…. *sigh*

However one thing I am not ready to end is the free lunches!!  Perhaps I am secretly here just for those?  Nahhhh, no way, I’d rather pay for that lunch haha!  Anywho, check out today’s eats

Caesar salad w/ chicken, olives, tomatoes & Parm!

Plus fruit and a cookie for good measure 🙂

Only used half the dressing on the salad to keep it reasonable, hey since I can’t work out like normal I gotta be somewhat good! 😛

Oh friends, I totally forgot to tell you guys that I finally tried this wonderfulness too the other day

Yes, no one stole it from my own fridge haha!  I loved this flavor!!  This ranks right up there with pineapple for me!!!!  I really liked the texture of the pom seeds throughout – call me crazy 😛

And while we are on the subject of deelish… gave this guy a whirl last night too and booyah, so good!

Well tonight’s plans are a tentative yoga session, however my back is not feeling 100% today and sitting in this chair all day probably won’t help… so I’m playing it by ear. 

Other than that it’s tv time & leftover central!  Dinner will be the 800lbs of leftover pork we still have 😉  See ya’ll tonight and have a fabulous day!

2 Day Work Week!

Ahh Monday, today may be the first time in a long time that we are actually friends 😉  Why?  Because I only have a 2 day work week this week whoop whoop!

How you like ‘dem apples rainy, cold Monday morning?! 😛

So today started out with my new obsession:  Banana & Cream Cheese oats.  What can I say, when I find something I like I eat it over and over again stick with it haha.

I also decided to make The Man a batch of these vs. his regularly scheduled peanut butter & banana oats.  I didn’t clue him in on the change & had him take a guess the new ingredient

I just got an email saying “Was the new ingredient Oikos!!!” — music to my sweet ears eyes…. I can’t believe he just used the word “Oikos” — I felt like such a proud foodie right then and there!!  And by the excitement in his email “voice” I think the oats were a hit…. 🙂

Speaking of Oikos, look who ran into each other this morning…

Yea, that gets a major holy yum in my book!  And yea, Jenna, you pretty much rock for sending me this addicting delicious peanut butter from food heaven 🙂

Lunch today included some leftovers from last night’s birthday dinner, A-Okay with this girl 🙂

Mac n’ Cheese w/ Bacon + Onions

Caesar Salad topped with BBQ

If you’ve never put barbecue on top of Caesar salad, I highly suggest you try it.  I’ve done this many times before (used to buy bagged lite Caesar kits & premade shredded chicken BBQ and make a dinner out of it all the time in my younger years) and it never ceases to be fantastic!  Something about the hot bbq with sauce on the cold salad w/ dressing that just tickles my taste buds 😉

I was literally about to leave work and drive to my Mom’s house to hug her and thank her for the most delicious lunch ever!  Day 1 as dinner was amazing…. Day 2 as lunch was even more amazing… wow.

Now onto the BSI winner… featuring bleu cheese!  Thanks everyone for participating, but I must say that the responses were low so I don’t have much to post 😦  Guess it was either time of year (i.e. so much holiday cooking going on) or bad ingredient choice (yea, that’s to you all you bleu cheese haters! 😉 ) but ah well.  You win some you lose some…. 

…. speaking of winners, how about the definite winner of this show! 

Biz’s Pear Blue Cheese Soup with Pancetta and Pesto Bread Crostini


Wow.  I am speechless over this one friends.  It sounds AMAZING! 🙂

Thanks for the fabulous entry Biz, send me your address (smlane1369@yahoo.com) so I can get your prize in the mail!

For next week’s Blogger Secret Ingredient head over to my homegirl’s website at The Balance Broad 🙂  Thanks girl for taking the torch for another week of great food!

Well this week should be a good one…. here’s how the agenda is shaping up!

  • Monday:          ExerciseTV workout
                                Relaxation & TV after a busy weekend!
  • Tuesday:         Thanksgiving dinner food shopping (with the rest of the world)
                                Cooking dinner & girl’s night with the lil’ sister 🙂
  • Wednesday:    Cardio3 class @ gym with small blonde lady (lil’ sis)
                                Holiday cooking day 1:  Apple Cranberry Relish (ala Whole
                                Foods demo recipe + teaching the sis!) 
  • Thursday:       Holiday cooking day 2:  Homemade Hazelnut, Sage &  
                                Mushroom Stuffing

                                Thanksgiving extravaganza with the fam! 
  • Friday:             Kickboxing class @ gym and shopping!

My kinda week friends 🙂

Now I want to hear about yours!  Specifically, is there a new recipe that any of you will be trying for the Thanksgiving holiday this year?  We are trying the apple & cranberry relish that was made during last week’s Whole Foods cooking demo and I am excited because it was deelish! 🙂

Alright friends, I am off to tackle the rest of this workday and you know I’ll see you back tonight for some Monday night fun 🙂  Have a wonderful day however you may be spending it!

Licking the plate clean?? haha

Hola friends!  Happy Sunday night 🙂 ??

Since last visit here’s how our day went down:

After a short noon-time nap on the couch I ate a quick leftover lunch then woke Sleeping Beauty from his slumber, 1pm friends, yes 1pm haha 😉

We got showered up an headed down to BW3’s to watch the Packers game & to get his royal highness some buffalo wings – win win on all accounts!  Great way to spend a few hours this afternoon…

After some more Wii Mario Bros (we have problems haha) we headed over to my parents house for The Man’s birthday dinner!


When we arrived at the parental’s abode the cooking action had already started!

The big to-do remaining was the mac n’ cheese since Mom had made the bbq ahead of time (she’s a planner, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree eh? 😉 )…. so Mom enlisted yours truly to lend a hand.

The sauce was made using a roux of butter & flour, adding some herb & garlic infused milk until thick before finishing with the cheese

Then mixed with some elbow macaroni & into the oven to bake for a while

In the meantime we cooked some delicious peppered bacon on the stovetop

Along with some chopped onion & garlic… these were going to be the toppings!

Once the mac was done in the oven, we topped with the chopped bacon and onions

Holy cow I couldn’t think of a better dish for The Man for his birthday dinner, this was amazing 🙂 

Mom had also made some pork tenderloin bbq in the slow cooker earlier in the day, so a quick reheat was all it took

Plus a superfab Caesar salad to go alongside, complete with fresh Parm & croutons!

Of course while us ladies were hard at work, the men were making sure the TV “stayed safe” haha 😉

I decided to serve my bbq open-faced style, on a fresh roll with some hot sauce + coleslaw… yes please!

After dinner & perusing through some old school’ pic albums it was time for some dessert!  Mom & lil’ sis were in charge of this venture and let me just say that they out-did themselves this time!!!!

Chocolate Fondue, ummmm pot o’ gold?!

Served with poundcake, bananas, strawberries & apples for dunking… plus some candles for the birthday of course  😛

Served by the most beautiful sister in the world!

OMG was this ever good!!!

Let’s just say I was s-t-u-f-f-e-d after this meal… but so freaking worth it.  And there may or may not be a picture on my camera of a certain someone licking the chocolate off their plate (haha DEF not me 😉 )

It was a wonderful way to end our fantastic weekend — thanks again Fam for being so wonderful and having us over for this incredible meal!!

Alright friends, it’s late and I need to get myself together and ready for this 2 day week whoop whoop!  See ya”ll tomorrow for BSI winner and Monday funday!